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Schifty's 1997 helmet, driver suit pack

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Steven Poirier, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. - 1.1
  2. There is nothing in the rar.file....comes an error.only 20byte ?:O_o:
  3. corrected now
  4. You´re the man,another step closer to this fantastic year.Thank you very much.:thumbsup:;)Hm...DC,Villeneuve...:inlove:
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  5. Thanks Schifty, specially for Jos Verstappens helmet. :thumbsup: :cool:
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  6. because 'do not build a whole mod with the machines you've created?
  7. Limitation of 100 mb to upload here and just this file here have 86 mb :p

    Also let people use may one of my car skin instead whole pack
  8. okay. I'm joining all together slowly.We would also like the loading screen, garage and racecrew and pitcrew.......good job schifty
  9. a full 1997 season would be wonderful
  10. Its on the way, Pit crew are almost done, Race crew mid done
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  11. amazing MOD schifty.......I added the photo of the team mclaren west 909294_10200374887966621_223013939_n.jpg f1_2012 2013-03-25 12-04-33-64.jpg
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  12. another small bug and 'the name oliver Ricciardo:... ;-)))))))))
  13. Great thanks, i will correct that its will be updated when i've found the databse problem
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  14. Dear RD Moderator/Admin. I can't download the file sir. It always stops at about 30-35mb downloaded and the download is disconnected. I've tried many things, using/not using a download accelerator, trying IE instead of Chrome, even changing my ISP connection.

    Please help sir.

    Dear Schifty031. Many thanks.