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SCE Analyzer?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Pedro Mello, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. So i was watching the skip barber going faster video and i noticed that he uses a Data Analyzer to see the drivers performance on track, and i tought it would be a great idea to use one in SCE to have a look at my terrible performances. I saw that Motec I2 works with SCE but the post was up to 2012, so does Motec I2 stills works with SCE? Or there are others that work better?
  2. Brazilian? Here there is all the info and downloads you need. http://3wideclub.com/portal/tutoriais/item/152-instalando-motec-telemetria-no-rfactor.html

    Not a fan of Motec in rF/GSC tbh... no native support, some data just seem to be wrong, idk. It works a lot better in GTR2, wish Reiza could get a license from Motec, at least for their next sim.

    There is also this one (didn't test yet)

    But I forgot where is the link to download it, it was in a italian forum if I'm not mistaken. Someone here may know it
  3. Thanks for the link Will, yeah it seems a little complicated to install and use the Motec software, the FTL is interesting but from the video seems that it doesn't have much information compared to the Motec( i will try to install both and see wich one will work), but are those the only Analyzers that work with SCE?
  4. Im not a computer genius but I managed to install and made Motec work... when It comes to analize the data it takes sometime to learn...but I guess that would be in real life too :)
  5. Oh well, i know it's easy to install but i'm to lazy right now to install anything, but i will give it a try on the f1, because from what i saw in other videos it seems to be good.
  6. Dashmeter pro has a telemetry page, it seems to be with speed/ trottle/ brake/ /gforces/ steering graphs on lap per lap basis, probably live, there's save to file, not sure if there is ability to compare between laps... I haven't played with it yet, and I haven't had the need of such graphs as of yet... Otherwise, dashmeter pro is damn good app, even has a live delta, not per sector as in the game.

    If you want to get faster tho, I would recommend you to just clock many, many laps week after week... telemetry might help later, when you get into league, have a important race and you want to find the last 10th of a second to get into pole... For now, load a car with maximum fuel, go on empty track and just drive without crashing, no matter how slow, until your tank runs dry, and then do it again and again... You told me you have read all kinds of books about driving, but that's useless without experience.
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  7. I noticed that the motec plugin causes huge game breaking slowdowns now with this update. Could anyone confirm?
  8. Thruth be told, the amount of books i have read to be able to use those informations ingame is minimal, i'm still reading the Ultimate Speed Secrets i bought less than a week, but it's important for me to know what the car is supposed to do and what the car really does, it's more a personal preference to use a data analyzer for knowing what the car does lap after lap, it's what i like to do. Some persons do like to just go and learn from "seat time", which is good, but not for me, i like to see data, i like to see the physics handling/gforces/downforce, etc. Different people different approaches i guess. Or i can be extremely wrong with my approach....
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