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WIP SaunaLake Stage Simulation Concept ( SLS SS) Finland

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by nokanmov, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. Stage based real road, Legendary 1000 Lakes Rally Finland stage. Last time stage is driven by WRC cars 1999. Stage is being used by local rallys and also part of a stage being test stage, used by Jussi Välimäki (Pacific Rally Season champion) in many years.

    Stage is optimal test stage and easy to get test stage because there are not houses and civil cars can drive pass the section other roads. Also it is being (Test Rally before Neste Rally) Pirelli Rally stage few times.

    Concept model based simulation data, because arcade mode stages is too booring. Simulation is extremely slow way to build up the stage, but it is almoust like real stage when it is ready. Many many layers need to be added and modified.

    1. Layer is GPS data 2. Scanned map 3. Roadline based map
    4. Altitude levels in every 20 meters or in 10 meters if needed
    5. Cambers 6. Wildth 7...

    Altitude level calculations based laser calculatings with camera stand and horizontally balanced optical lines.

    Project is young and long but someday it will be ready. Large Finland XPack is needed and some easy texture creating solution/program.
  2. There is some work in progress pictures.

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  3. update

    Finally i get updates to SaunaLake Stage, 0.5.0.
    Roadline, ditches and altitude changes by nokanmov.
    Textures and objects placed by madmike

    There is test version 0.5.0 download link:

    And few screenshots down below, screenshots is from 0.6.0 version stage.

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  4. Well, the pics are certainly mouth-watering. Not literally, of course, I'm not ill. Thank you, nokanmov.

    I can't test it before next week though, but when I do, I'll surely come back and say something hopefully constructive.

    Ditches do look deep, I wonder if I'll ever get to see the finish line... :)
  5. I promised to come back, even if it was later than I expected. :)

    It's a quality start. The stage ended almost before it started but I guess the stage will be longer. Or will it?

    FPS was great, and that's all that matters to me really. If it's gravel, if it's Finland, you can't really fail. In my mind, at least. Keep going, nokanmov. And thank you for your work so far.

    I'm afraid this wasn't really constructive, but stage creation really isn't my speciality, I don't know what is, but anyway... :)
  6. Whole stage is 15 km long, our concept model have 5km length, only 2km is relesed. Now we have no time to continue the stage because another bigger project is going on, at same time. But we continue stage in future for sure. We have learn many new ways to build tracks and all thing are changed better, that means that SaunaLake will be much more better and more realistic than now.