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Skins Sauber C34 Customized Skin 2.0

for the chassis from the RB10

  1. KermitPlays submitted a new resource:

    Sauber c34 Customized Skin - for the chassis from the RB10

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  2. airutonpurosuto8912


    Not bad for your first skin ;)
  3. Oerlikon are on the other side twisted to wrong side...or not?
  4. Yes and I don't know how to fix it :(
  5. Thanks !
  6. Yes but I don't know how to fix it :/
  7. In Photoshop, rotate with flip horizontally the text.
  8. Sorry I saw it now you must when you add the OERLIKON sign in Photoshop rotate with "flip horizontally" the text.
  9. In Photoshop, the text must be inverted so that it is positioned correctly in the game.You understand me?
  10. It looks wrong in Photoshop (text goes from right to left) but in the Game are that correctly...
  11. Add the sign "OERLIKON" then right click on the sign chose "flip horizontally", have you done it now?
  12. wait I start Photoshop right now
  13. But only on that one side must be horizontally rotated,on other side let it be so.You know on which side of the F1 Car must be rotated?
  14. Which language do you speak?If you speak German in Photoshop there is written "Horizontal Spiegeln" in English I dont know what is there written maybe "flip horizontally".
  15. I had made Skins for other games and there was also that problem and I have then solved as I mentioned.I hope I helped you!
  16. I speak German and I'm not so good in english so it's better when we speak german :D
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  17. Ja klar, hat es den geklappt konntest du es so machen das es jetzt passt?
  18. also ich hab den Schriftzug jetzt gespiegelt doch im Spiel ist er auf der anderen Seit wo er falsch herum war richtig rum nur auf der Seite wo er nicht gespiegelt war ist er jetzt Falsch herum, vielleicht hab ich irgendwas nicht verstanden :/
  19. Bist du Schweizer? Ich nämlich schon,Ich dachte mir das du entweder Deutscher oder Schweizer bist weil du mit Sauber angefangen hast deinen ersten Skin zu machen.
  20. Sehr wahrscheinlich hast du an der falschen Seite gedreht da wo es richtig war oder nicht?