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Skins Sauber C33 Fictional DHD&HD&SD 1.0

Car done in 3 sizes. DHD, HD, and in SD (the original game size). Car only

  1. w1n1x submitted a new resource:

    Sauber C33 fantasy DHD&HD&SD - Car done in 3 sizes. DHD, HD, and in SD (the original game size). Car only

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  2. thanks. high quality as always.:cool:
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  3. realitychecked


    Ferrari is unnecessary, should be the Sauber logo there, also why use blue in the colour scheme? It's a good design but sponsors are not so good.
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  4. Firstly it seems you don't have a sense for logos. I added Capri-Sun and Medion logo to the car cause these are Sutil's sponsors. Secondly the blue color is better cause it represents telmex more than the original red. Black-blue combination looks better than Black-red in all way. I made the car and I won't change it again. Finally the ferrari logo is necessary cause they have been the engine suppliers for sauber for years and it should be on the car. But anyway thanks for your opinion
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  5. Looking good as always bro. :thumbsup:
    Keep them coming.
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  6. Sure will make I think 1 more car. Thanks :thumbsup:
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  7. Good.
    I will be uploading some helmets today after sometime.
    Hope they will be good.
    They will be fictional.
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  8. Does some of find things strange how some mods get loads of ratings and some hardly none ,
    I was looking at the other sauba uploaded after this one you have created and its getting high ratings ,
    Its a really nice skin , But it seem like more effort you put in you get less reward ?
    Or is it just me , This mod as 3 different skin resolutions and is done to the highest of highest standards ,?
  9. Well this is how sometimes things go in. More people like old school livery (including me ) than modern styled ones. I personally did this cause I wanted to do something different for Sauber . Keeping the design but changing some sponsors, etc. The other sauber is really nice too. More effort sometimes doesn't pay off. But i'm not doing this for getting more "likes" or positive ratings . I'm doing skins for people's enjoyment, not for my own enjoyment.
  10. It was just something that I keep noticing but not something that concerns me ,
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  11. Nice . I meant that I don't care for getting "likes" for my work . I'm more than happy if a lot of people download my mod and use it. But of course the feedback is quite small from my work which I find strange. I'm doing cars for others enjoyment and a little for my own too cause I like skinning and modelling :). Nice PC you've got there. Wish I could buy something like that in 2 years time :thumbsup:
  12. Also I find it strange how the hell is the guy first with only a 2600k while for example : the 4960x extreme edition would beat the cr*p out of the 2600k? Is the 3dmark only use 4 cores instead of 6 or 8?
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  17. Beautiful job,thank you.
  18. Thanks