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Sauber C31 F1 2012 3D model for F1 2011(download)

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Rian Speed, Sep 14, 2012.

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  1. No mirrors issue at all! Both mirrors working simultaneously in their correct position.

    Download: <removed - 2012 game content doesn't belong to the 2011 game and could cause legal trouble>

    Screenshot of F1 2011.
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  2. Excellent, fantastic, thankyou
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  3. Fantastic work,thanks Rian
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  4. You are the Best, Rian! :D
    Many many Thanks.
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  5. thanks again Rian. I'm looking forwards to seeing a fully functional Williams skin. Cheers up!
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  6. How the hell does it look in your screenshot like it was in high quality?I have 2x anti aliasing and the car looks like it was in ultra low graphics.Do you play in dx 11 ?
  7. I have anti aliasing X4 and also got extra AMD anti aliasing. And yes,i play with DX11.
  8. and even these aren't raw photos....they are post processed.
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  9. ia install f1 2012 to 2011 and it is fantastic fun clog you in the first corner and not let you go and as the race went passed me and I tried to pass Massa and pulled me off the track is real, I tried again to massa passed and I opened a little and spent only Schumi and Rosberg and very hard but not much but if
  10. I have got a dx10 card unfortunately .Gonna upragade to a battlefield 3 edition gtx 560 ti:D . Do recommend it or what type of gpu do you have?Currently my graphics settings all set to high except shadows.4x anti aliasing. And i have got 26 fps with hd 4670:D.I know it's kinda old gpu but i don't have money right now for a good pc:D
    I'm gonna buy a new pc which have:
    Intel core I5 2500k 4x 3.3 ghz defenitly gonna overclock it to 4.6 ghz:D
    Battlefield 3 edition gtx 560 ti 1 gb ddr5
    corsair vengeance ddr3 8gb
    Thermaltake commander ms-i
    Cooler master gx-750w
    asrock z68 pro3-m
    Would this be enough for f1 2012?Or do you recommend other gpu or motherboard?Will i get fix 40 fps with f1 2012 with this pc?
  11. Actually i own 4 computers,three of them are desktop and the other one is a laptop. One of the desktop is 2011-current 21.5" iMac running MacOSX Lion and Win 7 Home premium i5 quad core 2.5 and Radeon HD 6750M and 4GB Ram(will upgrade soon)...with this one i can run DX11 anti alias 8X and every settings ultra except shadow(high maximum).
    And my second Pc,it runs windows 7 professional n 2.5 core two duo,Radeon HD 5450 ...with this i run every settings high and anti alias 4X.
    And my third computer is an old piece of trash...i don't even know what it runs :D

    And my laptop is just a notebook....it can run at most low setting with 0 anti alias...

    And also I own a PS3! :D

    The one you chose to buy won't be too bad I believe...it can run F1 2012 more than fine :thumbsup:
  12. yeah amd seem to do antialiasing like a breeze, i have mostly low and medium settings but i turned on 4x antialiasing and my 1gig 4850 has exactly the same performance :)
    ever since Grid i've thought codemasters really were the masters of getting awesome graphics even on average machines and screensizes. its only since they closed Grid's multiplayer servers i've had a beef with them, i don't care about bugs, all games have bugs anyway lol
  13. winix, its about screensize. if you're running a 22inch screen that's cool awesome no probs etc, if you're running a 6 screen multi screen setup from hell then its a different story

    what resolution you're gonna use is where you'll need extra power. that setup looks sweet though, go gently with your overclock tho, 4 x 4ghz has gotta be enough lol power mad
  14. I currently have a Benq2012w which is a 21 inch monitor only-,- but i defenitely gonna buy a 24 inch samsung monitor or lg:D
  15. I currently have a Benq2012w which is a 21 inch monitor only-,- but i defenitely gonna buy a 24 inch samsung monitor or lg:D.I want to run games only on 1 monitor .I don't wanna waste money on 3.But it looks epic howewer that needs a monster pc:D
  16. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium


    I've been discussing this with other staff members and we had to agree that using any files from F1 2012 for F1 2011 (no matter in which way you're using them nor if you're making any profits by using them) could be seen as copyright infringement. Now, I know that none of you actually intends to cause any trouble but RD.com could get into serious trouble since this whole topic is being discussed on our "premises".

    As much as I like the idea of having those cars / tracks in F1 2011, we'll have to be careful about this. If you create 2012 cars on your own, from scratch, you're good to go - if you're using the ones that come with F1 2012 or the F1 2012 demo, we'll have to step in.

    All the best,

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