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Skins Sauber 2015 C34 1.3

F1 2015, Sauber C34

  1. Screenshots please
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  2. Ferrari 2015

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  3. I added a few pictures!! :)
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  4. Here is a video which will goive you more details about this car
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  5. wow this is great, how to make these skins? i need find tutorial.
  6. Practice will help you. :)
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  7. Bro in Youtube you can find many tutorials
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  8. Nice video Bro, thanx
  9. There is in Racedepartment a "mod", skins for photoshop. That could help you. And a youtube video tutorial is for it aswell. :)
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  10. Thanks, CS6 wont allow me to open the pssg file even though i have the NVIDIA software, i will work it out :D
  11. How to to convert itt whit the pssg editor to dds :)
  12. Williams im working on. F1 Blue Williams 2.jpg F1 Blue Williams 1.jpg
  13. Problem TheJlfan? you seem to dislike everything i say or do?
  14. airutonpurosuto8912


    Please take it a bit easy ;)
    Maybe he doesn't like your work, which is his own opinion... :barefoot:
  15. Can i use this mod for my 2015 mod? I will give you credit