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Safety car start in Div 2 at Istanbul?

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Stuart Hendry, May 28, 2010.

  1. Safety car start in Div 2?
    Hi guys, it is time to decide if we should do a safety car start in division 2 at Istanbul. If we decide to do so, it will work as follows:

    -The leading car will control the pace and it is his responsibillity to keep a pace that is sensible for the rest of the field.
    -Every car should maintain stationary until its there turn to join the que, once moving they must keep a gap at no less than 1 second to the car ahead of him. This means that when you approach the s/f straight you should not be in the slip stream of the car ahead.
    -The race starts when passing the s/f line after lap 1
    -The practice session will end 10 minutes earlier in order to practice such a start, or a normal start if this is the decition.

    Please note that this vote is for division 2 and is only for the Istanbul race. We want all the div 2 guys to give their vote. The result will only be a tool for us to make the decition, this means that the result of the vote does not need to be what we'll do in the race.

    Remember, it is in everyonce interest that we are able to carry out a safe race start.

    The following are members of division 2 and thus can vote (a nice group of 20 commited gentlemen):

    Anthony Moufarrege
    Bob Laube
    Chirlie Cleric
    Coen Mulder
    Cor van der Burg
    Eliezer Bartik
    Jakob de Boer
    Joe Isaac
    Kimmo Kokkonen
    Kurt Kjellin
    Mattia Gottardi
    Maxim Pautov
    Nicolas Rouge
    Richard Emery
    Robin Östlund
    Stuart Hendry
    Tom Watts
    Valerio Vinassa
    Wayne Reed
    Werner van Aswegen

    If anyones name is missing i appologise, i robbed the list fron Nicolai's prevoius poll :tongue:
    Feel free to comment with your feelings on the rolling start as well as casting your vote. Peoples opinions may have change now that we have all had a chance to experience a rolling start at Siverstone.
  2. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
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    the weegie slays Mr Hendry with his Grammar sword, receiving + 50 points in the process, take that you pesky rodent.

  3. I voted (no), but for me there is no difference, I want to know exactly what will be the start!
  4. Ok, we'll do a safety car start again, and we'll learn from the mistakes done at last safety car start and make this perfect.

    a) Nobody should start moving off the line before they see the car ahead of them moving.
    b) The race leader sets the pace. Keep a 1 seconds distance to the car ahead and make sure you are not closer than 1 second when you complete the
    last turn of lap 1 (not allowed to slip stream down towards s/f line).

    I'm sorry for those who wants a normal start. It will be the norm in future races as we prefere normal starts, but considering the relative success of last race where there was safety car start and the nasty bump in T1 and the majority of voters wanting safety car start we'll try this one more time.

    Everybody participating in the race on Wednesday (in Div 2), please say thanks to this post to show that you know that we will have a safety car start and how to execute it.
  5. The voting was close but I believe this is the right thing for this race. Anyone who took part in the practise race will know that that the risk of someone getting it wrong into T1 is just too great here and with a normal start it would wreck quite a few drivers' races.
  6. Well at least al 20 guys voted this time :)
    So if i make replay all cars will be in correct order for the Stop and Name Shoot in t4 :)
    But every car 1 sec behind each other seems hard.
    But only get of grid if car in front also has , will probably work :)
  7. Got it. Wave when you go through T4.
  8. nah usually in T4 people hit the barrels in the middle of the curb!!!! :p

    (i never did it in many training, but in the FPWS after 5 laps i did a big BANG on them ;))
  9. Yes, that barrel is pretty solid. Would have been better to put speed bumps there to stop people cutting the corner.
  10. Thanks Nicolai for the exact information about start in Istambul!
    P.S, and such information was for Silverstone GP?
  11. Sure was: http://www.racedepartment.com/formu...3637-safety-car-start-div-2-a.html#post536839

    With regards to the 1 second gap into the main straight, I think we should practise this tonight so that a marker can be identified. Something like when the guy in front enters the last corner you should just be exiting the second last corner. This would be a lot easier than maintaining a 1 second gap. It gets harder to do the further back down the grid you go as the yo-yo effect of cars accelerating or slowing down amplifies.
  12. It does not need to be exactly a second. The only point is to avoid drivers slip streaming down the s/f straight ang going for a move in t1. If you are too close when going through the final turn, just make sure you do not get too close on the s/f straight.