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Safety Car Lights?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by John Bergqvist, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. Possible fix to re-enable safety car lights in rfactor.

    I saw a vid of rfactor which had the safety car with its lights flashing. (as you would expect it to). Unfortunatly the safety car lights do not flash in my game when there is a full-course caution. Is there a setting/mod i can use that will make the lights work? (and getting them to turn off on the last lap before green would be great as well, tho not essential lol)

    this is the vid where ive seen the lights on the safety car.
  2. In the E90 Mod (WTCC), there is another BMW as the safety car with working lights that flash. The lights don't go off though on the lap before it comes in, just when it makes its way into the pitlane - which isn't perfect (rFactor lets you know when the safety car is coming in anyway, so it's not a big problem.)

    I haven't played any other mods that have full course yellows, but I imagine they would all be the same, as long as the mod supported it.
  3. still, as long as it has lights while its leadin the pack its gd. ive looked in my plr file and there is an option to set the speed of the safety car lights, but no option to turn them on or off. strange....
  4. What mods have you tried John? I would be happy to download one and give it a go when I get home (in about an hour) to see if the lights come on for me..

    The only other thing that may stop the lights coming on is perhaps the graphics settings? I'm saying that without knowing, of course. Anyway, let me know and I'll have a look for you.
  5. my graphics are on full. ive tried MMG 07, and a truck mod. thats about it.
  6. ill hav another look now an ill try the wtcc mod.
  7. well ive tried the wtcc and the lights work perfectly, just wish i could have them for the other safety cars in game (mmg, hammer, panoz) and with the right colour as well (though thats only minor lol)
  8. is there an sdk i could use so i can edit the MAS files?
  9. well ive got some tools and had a look at the BMW safety car and all it is is a cycle of 2 or more(or in this case as it goes from off, to red, to green; 3) images, so the 1st (and default) image is the roof lights off, and the 2nd is the roof lights on. ive had an experiment with the default safety car and got half-way there-ish. ive attached 4 images of what ive got so far. unfortunatly as you can see, the light textures (its meant to go from orange to blue) are now some distance from the safety car and appear to be behind the scenery, as well as growing in size. any ideas folks?

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  10. TBH, I would probably have taken the easy option and just swiped the pace car from a working mod :D

    Although, I would also take a copy of the mod I was amending first and turn it into a different mod, so the original would still work online..
  11. well ive got the lights in the right position + size now, the only problem is they're on all the time rather than only on cautions like they should be. im lookni in 2 the files of the e90 again.
  12. any ideas, or could anyone give me the email for the ppl who made the e90 mod since they obviously got the SC lights working properly.
  13. done it + emailed them, but no response. since i think the e90 pace car lights were taken from gtr2, ill give simbin an email.
  14. anybody got any ideas before i email simbin/isi?
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