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RX Content vs Orignal RBR Format (Wally)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by E.Zelaieta, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Good night there,

    I have that question around my mind, only for curiosity ...

    Which are the best aspects of the RX Content and the badest one?

    And talking about Wally's Wallaby and his original RBR based format, which

    are the best aspects and badest ones?

    I think this can be interesting post, whole modellers think they want about Wally's Wallaby (I personally try it some tricks and exports)

    and obviusly about Piddy's and Black.f's BTB and RX Content.

    With the intention to see a great live topic, I go to sleep :wink2:

    Best Regards
  2. you make it sound like they are mutually exclusive while in fact you can use all of these tools in the same time even for the same track.
  3. Ok, sounds good but I know that Black :rotfl:

    My intention was only know with limitations and addon properties has one of


    Im not a "fan" of RX or Wally's Wallaby. Is simply comparation to know

    limitation of the two forms to have a working new RBR Tracks.

    I work a bit in the past with Wallaby 0.28 version, but It's a bit difficultest than BTB - RX, so I didn't have the time and chance to know or explore the limitations of it.

    Have a nice day :dance2:
  4. Personally?
    I play with www.rbr-online.it and I am making two tracks.
    But theyr plugin don't support rbr_rx, so I need to export the track in original format.
    Then...wallaby supports different objects physics, and shadows too.
    I am playing with wallaby from about one week....
    and...it should run the track at a better Frame rate....

    Correct me if I am wrong...Lamda is my teacher!! :wink2:
  5. it is not able to integrate rx to any plugins (cz ,hu, it, what ever). if you want play online, you must go the hard way with wallaby.

    RX plugin use some other techniques and much more than wallaby can do (bump mapping, specular mapping and shadows for example). with rx plugin i can very fast test the BTB track.

  6. First of all, I don't want to be offensive to any plugin developer. But here is my opinion:
    RX plugin is just a plugin that supports all features that you can create with BTB. Wallaby is somewhere in the middle of that. You can not create track with it, but you can import meshes and arrange them over the track. You can assign collisions to them etc.. and finnaly export to native rbr format.

    BTB exports direct X files that is only supported by RX plugin. All features that are supported by BTB so far are also available via RX plugin.
    Here are my main pros and cons of BTB/RX:
    Pros: very fast, supports blending, shadows...
    - It is NOT supported by any online plugin (cz, fr, hu, it). You can only play your track solo. And this is main cons for the othervise great and advanced plugin.
    So far you can't create different types of collisions in BTB, you can't use animation objects (marshals, race starters, birds, deers…). You can't create cameras for replay, etc etc.

    With Wallaby you can do all that, except Wallaby is not track design tool but more like track define tool.
    Main pros:
    - It does export to native rbr format which is also playable online
    - It does support adding, cloning, managing imported meshes
    - It does support animation objects, different type of collision objects
    Main cons:
    - Very unfriendly to work with (no undo function for example)
    - It does not support shadows and blending
    - Does not work on any other platform except XP and DX9

    So.. like I said..don't want to be offensive to anybody. BTB is more and more rFactor oriented than RBR. RBR track developers are stuck somwhere in the middle and they need to use a lot of various tools for getting their tracks into life. Personally i use BTB, 3dsimed, max and wallaby and this is just too much. Each tool I use has some pros and cons and I have to learn all that to finnaly see my track under wally's plugin. Of course..we all want to race online and compete to each other.
    If rx would support online racing that would be a different story
  7. correction: you CAN in fact use everything BTB exports to RX. the X format is DirectX's format not mine and you'll find converters and importers for it for all the major 3D mesh modeling programs, but hey, if you give us enough reasons to change it for another or make an importer/converter i belive we can arrange that. the reason for using X is because it is directly supported by DirectX and has the flexibility needed when working with modern effects.
    newly Collada can also do the same but something is telling me you'll not be happy with that either as it is quite hard to rip off and use it without the effects it was intended for.

    as you've said, there are many features missing from rx because it is wip so it will be quite pointless to use it in online racing wouldn't it? not as it is now atleast :).
  8. Yes true. I was thinking more in conjunction with RBR. Was not specific enough.

    This last sentance gives me hope that it will sometimes? Would be nice to know what plans do you have for the future with rx plugin.
  9. Berglez!

    I run Wallaby on Vista and DX10.:wink2:

    I don't know witch is a better way to make track. Because there is a lot of people who can't run Rx tracks.They have older video card. And if they can run RBR native format tracks fully,they will not buy new video card. And in my country (Hungary) there is a few people who play with RX tracks.The others always want to play online. The main problem with wallaby that there is no fully manual for it, conversely the BTB witch has a very good manual.

    So i rather preferED wallaby. Make track in BTB, export GMT, import 3DSMAX, export X, import Wallaby, export lbs,trk,etc. But i have some material problem :S . And there is a strange thing with PTD Rallysprint. I cant't run it on our 2 computer, it crash when loading.(2,2GHz Core2 Duo, Vista,GF8600M GS, and AMD 2800+, XP, Ati9600Pro) But on our 3 computer (P4 3GHz,Xp,Ati 9250) it works, but there is 7-15fps. So now I don't know wich is better Wallaby or BTB.
  10. I really like BTB because it's very easy to use but the problem is that you can't play online with the actual export to RBR.
    I think that, if Brendon find a way to export track in the original format, there will be a lot of new RBR tracks.

    I've a question about wally :
    Is it free? I've heard that you need to show a track to the creator of wally and then, if he finds you've done a good job, he send you the software. But i may mistake it for another software.
  11. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    That's a limitation of the online software, not BTB. The plugin could quite easily cope with any kind of framework around it.
  12. Wally will not have "unprofessional Tracks". His standard is high, so you must give him some examples, what you able to do. The tool and the links are not puplic for everyone, this rule should be respect. Send him some about your project (it must not areal track, but at the end it should look so) and some pictures of your knowledge (maybe some objects) and he will give all what you need.

  13. What you want tell us on this screenshots. You should specify much more.

  14. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    This is a BTB forum and as much as I wish to see RBR tracks of all kinds, here in this forum please keep discussion BTB related.

    If you wish to discuss how to create tracks using the Max/Wally editor, please visit another forum.

    I don't mind people trying alternative methods, but the BTB forum is not the place to do it.

    I'm quite happy for this thread to compare BTB's methods against others.

    I personally think we've made some very large movements forward in recent times and have a great platform from which to build.

    Whilst I'm at it, here's my thoughts.

    - BTB tracks can be made by everyone, not just someone with enough technical knowhow.
    - You don't have to be judged by me in order to start creating tracks.
    - You can create tracks for personal use or share them amongst the community.
    - XPacks will provide an easy way for people to make great looking tracks. This will be expanded in v0.8.
    - Greater control over the graphics shaders and textures. As cards improve, so to will our opportunity to improve the graphics engine.
    - LOD system allows for 33km tracks and longer making realistic rally stage lengths possible.
    - Faster development of tracks. I made 33kms in 3 days. I've yet to do the math but that's gotta be about the same length as all other additional tracks put together in all of RBR modding history.

    - XPacks not plentiful enough yet. There is enough talent in this forum to fix that.
    - Online support not here yet - but it's possible.
    - No shadows yet - but it's possible.
    - Doesn't work on old Shader 2.0 graphics cards.
  15. which is missing, is on-line support. everything else is perfect since btb 07
  16. Just to let me know, why btb don't export in rbr format ?

    i'm the creator of the [ame="http://www.vcorp.it/forum/showthread.php?t=748"]vcorp rbr mod[/ame] and interested
    in buying this great program, but only if support native files format of rbr.

    From my plugin i can load maps number from 10 to 999 this mean i can
    support a lot of new created tracks (in rbr format).

    do u plane to make export in rbr format?
  17. Nice post to be your first post! :sarcastic:
    By looking a lot of previous post I can reply with Piddy voice:
    "Why exporting to original format if Black's plugin can do better?" :funnypost:

    To anwering in other way: NOOOOOO :bomb:
  18. Maybe I'm wrong, but french guys aren't using new stages in rx format for online races?

    ps: ciao delu :laugh2:
  19. Yes they are!
    They changed some programing in the online plugin, and right now any btb track can be used for online racing!
  20. With taking the damage into the next stages?