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Runtime errors more often, than not.

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Rob Fitness, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness

    i dont think i have successfully loaded a race weekend yet. test session seem to be ok.

    the last instance was trying to use the Superv8 skinpacks

    keep getting Visual C++ runtime library error to do with the .exe file and it just exits back to desktop
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  2. You might need to install this: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=29
    Also, if you're running the Spotter plugin, make sure to delete/rename the voice recognition component as it seems to be buggy (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Automobilista\SpotterAddon\VR Component\VR.exe)
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  3. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness

    thanks Gongo. I will go give that a try....
    just adding i cant load a SuperV8 whether its a default one from the SuperV8 or one from the "V8 Supercars" classes even just 1 x car as a test at Kansai, it just hates the SuperV8 for me
  4. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness

    that kinda helped a little, i managed to get a car in as a test, but it i try load 20+ it crashes. this is still at Kansai
    i7 6700k @ 4.6
    16GB DDR4
    GTX 980
    W10 64bit
  5. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness


    it loaded a field of Stock V8 ok, was 60FPS in pits and locked at 144 on out lap.

    loaded up exact same #cars and all same settings of standard SuperV8.. it koaded but was 1FPS.

    any ideas ?
  6. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness

    far out, this games messed up... i have wasted to much time painting skins than trying to play it. it really doesnt not want to load a few different classes and run.... once i ALT TAB out and then it sounded like it was running fine so i go back in and sure i have 100+ FPS drive for about 20 secs and BOOM lag to 1 fps for a while then back up again and so on. :mad::(
  7. alexSchmurtz

    SpeedyMite Racing Staff Premium

    That's really not normal with your spec! It seems that people having this kind of 1 fps issue had trouble with video drivers. I think there was also some problem with the latest nvidia update…
    1-There is now an installer with Dx9 in the very first folder of AMS (_CommonRedist ): I would run it since your are on Win10 and AMS is Dx9.
    2-Some people reported that a bad nvidia update removed files from their game: go to your Game Library on Steam and right Click on Automobilista, select Properties. On the next window, select the Local Files tab and choose "verify the integrity of game cache". This will update your game and re-download any missing files. First back up any files you've changed!
    3-Make sure your video drivers are not messed up…
    Not sure if you registered on the official Reiza forums? You will find help there now, and a few thread talking about the same kind of problems… Or will get directly the help from Reiza!
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  8. fortyfivekev


    This is definitely not normal. My PC doesn't have your specs but I run a field of 20 SuperV8's all the time with no obvious dips in FPS. If you have a decent connection I would just delete the game directory and re-install from scratch.