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Rumor: No Gran Turismo 5 At E3?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Bradley Wint, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. According to a rumour at VG247, it seems that Gran Turismo 5 may not be making an appearance at E3 this year. Instead the spot light will be focused on Gran Turismo Mobile for the PSP Go.

    Rumors have been milling around that reporters were told not to ask Polyphony Digital CEO Kazanori Yamauchi about GT5, but rather focus on GT Mobile.

    Questions now arise as to when Gran Turismo 5 may actually come out. Is it carded for later in 2010? For the moment, I advise you to not get too angry yet because we never know what may happen. However, let's say GT5 isn't presented at E3, what will be your thoughts on the game at this point?
  2. White elephant...
  3. GT5 will have to be something special and contain something that no game has ever contained before, polished graphics and frankly the 2nd rate physics it currently have wont do it for me. I think i'll stick with the much more real prospect of Forza 3.
  4. I think i saw that coming. And decided not to care anymore. It had its glory days with me until half a year ago. I mean. They promised alot for 3 years in a row, and gave us what.... Come on tell me, what???


    I loved it, still do and GT2 sometimes finds it way even today to my tv screen... But they blew there own future...
  5. Forza 3 will be announced this week hopefully. I think Forza 3 will outsell GT5 (if it ever comes)
  6. GT5's main issue is that its being strictly made for a **** console that is dying for far too many people. Oh and I am a sony fanboy here, but yes, reality is that PS3 sucks.

    If GT turn around and change the game to be released on 360 or both PS3 and 360, they will have more sales for sure. The fact that they are staying strictly with PS3 is their downfall.

    Personally, I'll wait for Forza 3. 1 and 2 were great and I believe 3 will take it that step further. Its really sad to see GT series go this route but it happens, they need to seriously rethink their options.
  7. I think GT5 will rule. No way can a developer spend so much time on a game that it will be crap. There is rumours that there wil be 2 versions. ! which is the basic and youll get the basic stuff what ever that is. and another which will cost more but have extras you wuld have to buy of PS store and all other DLC will be free if you get that version. GT5 will be good game. Im no fanboy but I do really have high hoped for GT5. I think it will be a much better game than Forza. Even though I love the forza series :good:
  8. I've never been too keen about Gran Turismo because of the sloppy physics involved. Graphically, it is superb and all round polished, but at the end of the day I prefer to drive something a bit more realistic.

    Forza 3 is confirmed at E3 so looking forward to that as well.
  9. Well the physics are at the best, even at the top of consoles now. I don't really know how you can call forza more realistic?
  10. from the looks of Forza 3, GT5 is no longer the king.
  11. GT5 and PD need to get it's act together and sharpish else disenchanted customers will buy a 360 and FM3.

    FM3 looks so good it may even persuade me to buy back a 360.....
  12. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    I agree with that. Just saw the screenies. I hope those screenies are in-game shots.
  13. GT5 will rule when it comes out, at least i hope so :D
  14. True, the looks are so much nicer, not that crisp and sharpish like in GT5P (wich is btw overexegurated), but more dept of field, bloom, softish graphics. From what I've seen from FM3 it looks better. But with realistic i'm talking about physics...

    GT5p was almost totally spot on, but you have to drive it with a wheel.
    The way the cars shift weight, visually and physically it was there. Never seen or felt that in FM. But what I'm saying here is commonly known.

    It could be that FM3 will rise above, and because we haven't seen much of the physics we can't say this one is or will be more realistic...

    There's a strong chance it will be though. Knowing Bill Gates.

    Forza and GT can be compared like Apple and Windows. GT was first like Apple, but than sombd decides to steal it all, make something new with it and try to make the world believe the product is better.

    At first it doesn't work, but the more versions you make of it, the more it will be seen too....