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rumble strips: guessing the sizes

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by banger, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. ok how big would a rumble strip be in meters in height,.i had 4 or 5 attempts in 3ds max to get it down in sizes to added to an pack.
    here a few that look a bit better than a few i did in the earlier stages.to the one i try to get right last pic.

    but i run out of references files so any going around,.

    EDITED: all objects will come with an UWV mapping attached. so no trying to xpack the rar when it comes to BTB .. :D

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  2. The best way to work out sizes is to open a realistic track and look at vertex coordinates. You should be able to import one into 3dsMax. If not you can use 3DSimed.

    It's fair to assume ISI do their homework so their tracks are a good reference.
  3. thanks R.soul
  4. There are also a few references to dimensions here and here.
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  5. wow, that brillant stuff r.soul.thanks again
  6. apart from the top 3d's i am still contining with the ripple strips pack. next one is the ford curbing.

    added edited part to top post.

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