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Rule Changes

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Jul 28, 2009.

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  1. Here we will post any change we apply on the rules & regulations of the series to keep you updated.

  2. [FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]NEW RULE

    "Every team choosing a track have to know and grant it is a legal conversion with permission of the creator."

    As it was not stated at rules before, we will discount a raced event to the drivers who had a disconection while joining the grid, or in the starting grid as happened to Ben Tusting or Darren Gardner this current seasson (STC Black Cup 09).

    But from now on, a driver who have completed the full qualifying session will be considered as he have raced the event. The new rule says:

    "It will be considered a driver have raced an event if he completes the full qualyfication and warm up session and gets into the race session, even if he doesn´t join the grid."

    Rule added to Rules & Regulations section.

    "A Driver racing for a different team than he was registered to race with, will lose the points and the position of the race in question as a first warning.
    If the same team use a wrong driver for a second time, both teams involved will receive the penalty.

    NOTE** Rule will apply retroactively for both DHR Fanatec cars, who have clearly violated this rule at Donington Parks´race tonight. It will apply retroactively because it is not a new rule, it was cleraly stated at rules and only the penalty was up to be decided. Now it is.

    Rule is already included in the Rules & Regulations section.

    "No team will be able to add more drivers or modify the entry list for the series once there are only 3 races remaining to the end of the seasson. It means, no modifications after Race 7. Only in a emergency case, and after consultation with STC staff some changes will be allowed."

    This rule will be applied from STC Blue Cup 2010 onwards, and not in the current seasson.

    Rule already added in the Rules & Regulations section.
  6. Last rule updated. :)

    A list of 2 names for each grid will be posted in the Race Alocations section by the teams, as late, every Thursday at 14:00 CET. As said before, each grid consists of 26 drivers. Teams will receive the points depending the position they finish the event. A team not posting the drivers to participate in the event will have no rights to set a qualyification time.

    As seen in some of the last rounds there have been disconections during the qualy and the driver have been not able of rejoin the server, so there is not much use in keeping with the current format, as it is not possible to rejoin the server during the warm up. Apart of this reasson, in most of the real life series there is not warm up session anymore, so we will use next format from now on:

    PRACTICE - 30 mins
    QUALY - 20 mins *
    RACE - 90 mins

    * QUALY will be considered the first 10 minutes, and then we will do the briefing in the next 10 minutes. But with this format, if someone falls from the server will be able to rejoin.

    Hello guys, we will apply this next rule since next race at Sugo.


    1. Incident investigations can be sent to the STC staff friday or saturday after the race as late, and the poll will be closed on first tuesday after the weekend.
    2. All the teams, including the parts involved in the incident have to vote.
    Thanks for reading,
  10. RULE UPDATE regarding formation lap.

  11. Remember:
  12. Red flag race & massive disconections
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