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RSRBR2013 Update 01

Discussion in 'RBR Mods' started by Warren Dawes, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. There has been a release of Update 01 for RSRBR2013 last weekend.

    Reading the forums at RallyeSim, there is also a Patch / Fix released after Update 01. It is not totally clear to me whether the Fix is needed if you download the Update 01 after 4PM on Sunday 6th January, I think the Patch was included in Update 01 after that date.
    It appears that the Patch fixes the problems with AntiVirus programs reporting trojans or removing files. Read more at RallyeSim for more info, but things are becoming a little confusing for me with RSRBR2013.

    Update 01 can be found here:

    The Patch / Fix can be found here (It's in the 3rd Post):
  2. After patch 2 the AVG problems happened again. I to, am confused....

    (Thats why I used the patch one exe)

    Edit: that hot fix looks like it was out yesterday, so I assume it is for After patch 2..
  3. The first thing everyone should do is forget about those earlier patches. That means you as well, John. :) Those fixes are now included in Update01.

    Update01 was re-released couple of hours after the initial release, because there was a some sort of a problem with RSRBRLive or whatever. If you happened to download Update01 very soon after it was released and you're not sure what version of Update01 you have, you can always re-download and re-install it, makes no harm.

    But yesterday's correctif/fix is totally independent release fixing things that weren't fixed for Update01.

    It really is quite straightforward. :)

    Now, they say it's optional to install that correctif/fix, that's all true, but I'd still recommend everyone here at RD to install it so that the BTB/Classic stage loading problem in the public sessions doesn't come to bite any of your buttocks later.

    I shouldn't say this, but let's just say that the description of that correctif/fix is partly vague in terms of BTB launch issue and is playing it down quite a bit. Not going to bore you with details but "some" truly means "everyone" but I can only guess that since their own compatriots were somehow incapable/lazy/reluctant to report the most obvious and blatant, the issue dragged on beyond the release of Update01. Sometimes I do hope they would take seriously bug reports even if they came from, say, English-speakers or, god forbid, me. :)
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  4. lol, thanks sir!

    Edit: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gotcha, there is no longer a patch 2! At some stage they took that away and replaced it with a 'new' patch1 and then the (car packs) hotfix!


    I appreciate the time explaining that, I thought i was going a bit mad there!


  5. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor

    This is pretty confusing! Update 2 has been superseded by a new update 1 with an extra 'fix' on top of it. Hopefully extracting this over the top of update 2 won't bugger my installation...
  6. Well, Ross, if you continue to refer to something that were "patches" as "updates", then you're definitely going to confuse everyone around you, not just yourself. :)

    So all in all:

    - First there was the initial release.
    - then Patch / Fix no1 (now redundant and therefore deleted from existence.)
    - then Patch / Fix no2 (now redundant and deleted.)
    - Then came the initial Update01 (Sunday, about 1pm CET, now deleted of course.)
    - Then the corrected Update01 (Sunday, about 4pm CET).
    - and finally this "Correctif/Fix" (Tuesday).

    Hopefully all this makes sense now. It's better to follow the official terminology, where updates are "the big ones", and patches/fixes/correctifs are smaller ones.
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  7. Thanks for your help and explanations porridge, it does clear things up for me. :thumbsup:

    My understanding was actually correct, but with the language transations from the Forum, the story can get a bit wierd at times. :unsure: It's also a pity they didn't put a link to the Correct/Fix in the Update 01 Download page (with a clearer explanation).

    Hopefully, I can update my usual RSRBR Tutorial (bring it up to RSRBR2013) in the near future, maybe it will help the English speaking people here. ;)
  8. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor

    Yes, it's all clear as day now...
    I think the confusion has arisen due to me never seeing a patch released for rsrbr before, only updates. All working OK though, so that's the most important thing!
  9. Hi all,
    I had installed "Update 01" and "Fix", and somehow I have got error message "Physics file absent - Your installation of rsrbr2013 is not valid". I just wonder if anyone know how to fix this problem. Thank you :D
    Here is the video: