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Automobilista Racing Club (LIVE))


Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Christen Struys, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. RSRBR2011

    18 vote(s)
  2. rbr.onlineracing.cz

    7 vote(s)
  2. dunno never used the czech plugin..
  3. Manuel De Samaniego

    Manuel De Samaniego
    3X Race Department Rally Champion

    I used them both. RSRBR all the way.
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  4. Both have it's own good sides though. Probably 2 good sides of Czech's is that you don't need to make dozen of sessions, just one session which is opened for stated time. Another good side is repairing damage. In RSRBR whole of your car will be repaired in service park, but in Czech plugin you can set service's lengh etc. Downside is ofcourse its lack of updates, lack of new cars and tracks...

    RSRBR in other hand is quite user-friendly, has dozen and dozen of cars and mods from gravel mod to snow mod. It makes game really fun and unique. Downsides are it's size(Czech's is quite lightweight compared to RSRBR) and driving sessions which depens personally.

    So both of plugins has both good and bad factors, can't really say which one is better. Haven't tried Hungarian plugin though, but as far as I heard then it's quite interesting, gives more opportunities than Czech one.
  5. My biggest issue with the czech plugin is the way the have changed the phyisics. I think there is simply WAY to much grip. In RSRBR there is too much but at least it is closer to the original.
  6. Haven't tried it, but got the impression that it has a lot of tarmac stages. Not a fan.
  7. I drive both and I have to agree with Karl on this one - both have their good and bad points.

    Czech mod allows much greater flexibility as to when you drive the stages and has the added feature of using the in-game service menus where you choose what to repair within the service time. Czech mod has a better website system that records your stats and I find is somewhat easier for finding public sessions to jump into. As Rick mentioned the grip levels are much higher in Czech mod than RSRBR, but whether that is good or not is very much down to personal opinion.

    For RSRBR, it's strength is very much that there's a much greater range of cars and stages available and they can be installed and switched very easily (whereas Czech mod is limited to having 8 cars installed at one time and requires some rather inconvenient manual file transferring to change them). RSRBR also has the feature of being able to change stages to a selection of surfaces including things like Mix mod which Czech mod generally doesn't have. Although RSRBR is less flexible with timings (everyone needs to be in the session at set times), this does have the benefit of allowing teamspeak sessions alongside which always adds to the experience.

    So like I said each has it's strengths, although overall I personally prefer RSRBR due to it's ease of installation/use.
  8. For Rally Club Events, I much prefer the RSRBR approach.
    It may force many drivers to drive the same session, but I think this fits the "Club Spirit", especially when combined with Teamspeak. It brings it closer to many other Racedepartment Club Events in creating more friendly racing together.

    Also, since we run Club Rallys weekly, RSRBR gives us waaaaay more flexibility for variety in cars and stages (surfaces), which again is the aim of the Rally Club. Running the same cars on the same stages on a regular basis would soon get very boring for me.

    I may be wrong here, but I understand that it is not possible (or adviseable) to have both Mods installed in the same RBR installation. Therefore, if we wanted to run both, everyone will need two separate RBR installations.
  9. I am the exact opposite - I grew up in rally country with great 2WD (both RWD and FWD) history and tradition on tarmac stages. I have never driven on not paved road, I miss tarmac stages in RSRBR a lot.
  10. I don't enjoy watching tarmac rallying at all, or driving on tarmac in RBR. For me it's just a limited, less expensive, and easier to organize version of 'real rallying'
  11. Then I guess you dont fancy IRC? :)

    I understand that. It has big limits in RBR

    You should check out some Czech stage - less expensive? You destroy the car more on our ruined roads than on gravel! :D
    Any rally isnt easy to organize when its not some local challenge.
    "Real rallying" - I think its pretty personal, I love our stages, even Fast Freddy said on Rally Bohemia "This rally is way more difficult than Ypres" - and the Ypres is considered as the hardest tarmac rally in IRC series. And I dont even mention what commentator of IRC says about Barum Rally :)

    These are my reasons why I fancy tarmac. You have not to forget that our tarmac is unique, not that clean you see in German or France. People who live in country with such a traditional tarmac rallies understand. I guess the rest grew up on WRC stages, which are more gravel. :)

    And just to be clear, I am not forcing you into liking tarmac. I only like debates around this topic - gravel vs. tarmac - never ending :)
  12. Manuel De Samaniego

    Manuel De Samaniego
    3X Race Department Rally Champion

    I agree with Ondrej there, that is a stupid thing to say, Rally started in tarmac, tarmac Rallying is the real rally if anything. I am from México, i live in León, the city were Rally México is organized every year, it is a gravel event, and i also knew Rally for the first time as a gravel sport. But i still prefer tarmac, my favorite surface in RBR is tarmac and my favorite Rally is Rally Monte Carlo, i love those stages you're talking about Ondrej, on the czech plugin there are some beautiful tarmac stages with that style and another good thing is that in the czech plugin, the stages get cleaner and you get more grip, wich doesn't happen in RSRBR.

    Tarmac Rally is way more expensive than gravel Rallying, every country has some gravel roads they could use. For tarmac you need more expensive bigger brakes, more expensive tyres, etc.

    Rally is done on Tarmac, Gravel and Snow. And the 3 are important
  13. Thank you.

    Except every single car on Earth is made to drive on tarmac. Hence, less expensive to join.
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  14. Manuel De Samaniego

    Manuel De Samaniego
    3X Race Department Rally Champion

    lol, no offense Senad, didn't mean to offend anyone there.

    Bowler Wildcat

    I don't think they had tarmac roads in mind.

    Tarmac Rallying is still more expensive than gravel Rallying
  15. Sigh, obviously not all cars, but it should be clear what I meant. Anyone can join a tarmac rally with any car. Not everyone can join a gravel or snow rally. Less expensive.
  16. Manuel De Samaniego

    Manuel De Samaniego
    3X Race Department Rally Champion

    Nope, except
    You cannot join a tarmac Rally without the necesary equipment, the same is for gravel Rallyes, for gravel Rallyes there are many things you can do, but ultimately it is more expensive to Rally in tarmac than in gravel, period.
  17. Every coutry has different rules about tarmac and gravel rallying. In Australia the average entry fee for a tarmac event is about $2000+, for a gravel rally it starts at about $150. We have almost no tarmac rallies and the ones we do have are made for rich boys and their toys, not true rally cars and drivers (sorry Alistair, talking about the guys with Skylines and Lambos not Golfs). If you want to be at the front of the field on Tarmac or Gravel it will be expencive.

    LOL, but this is getting away from the debate about RSRBR vs Czech plugin.
  18. Who cares which is more expensive, both are great with the proper cars ! :p
  19. Every coutry has different rules about tarmac and gravel rallying. In Australia the average entry fee for a tarmac event is about $2000+, for a gravel rally it starts at about $150
    in belgium tarmac or gravel rally = same prijs
  20. i never enjoyed watching Tarmac Rallies but now. Jari Matti has made me love them. i don't mind driving them on RBR but im just not good at them. and not good to do the setup for them.