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RSRBR2011 Update 03 now released

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Ashok Revanna, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. New update 3 is released..


    After the install of this update you'll must re-download and re-install these cars packs :
    1. A8W-08,
    2. N4_S2000_1
    3. Group_H

    and BTB country packs :
    1. BTB Belgium
    2. BTB Spain 2
    3. BTB USA (update)
    4. BTB World (update)

  2. thanks!
  3. I've not provided any info on this Update yet, or updated the Sticky threads above, because I am waiting for the RDRC Round 2 to be completed. We don't want anyone updating before they have completed their Round 2 Rally.

    I'll try to update everything tomorrow sometime, after I have installed it a checked it out.
  4. Oops.. forgot to mention that Warren.. sorry.. I just wanted to keep those who have slower/unreliable internet connections (including me), to start download so they have handy the updates whenever it is needed!!

    EDIT: the total downloads counts to a 800+MB
  5. Then what sort of a patch is that.......then to have to "fix" their patch......ridiculous :-(

    I'm afraid my time with RSRBR is done, much simpler to use the other plugins for me sorry guys.

    Thanks for the fun, and I wish you all the best in this years comp, it's just not for me anymore.

    Cheers TT
  6. HUH!!! That's a strange reaction. :confused::confused:

    You don't need the "Fix" unless you downloaded the Update just after the initial release. They explain that clearly:

    "Only for downloads made the 02/13/2011 before 5:00 p.m."

    Obviously, they released it initially and quickly realised that something was forgotten, so they sent out a quick fix for anyone who grabbed it immediately it was released.
    For nearly everyone here, I would think you only need the usual Update, which, BTW, includes all previous Updates.

    To me it was very straight forward and normal, just install the Update and the three car packs that have been updated.

    I have no problem with Updates if they continue to improve the game and add more content for us to enjoy.
  7. There are other plugins?! :eek:
  8. +1 Warren :) :)
  9. 'Ridiculous', yes i would be just as critical as you if these updates were from Activision, EA, 2k, Rockstar etc, however Rallysim are a not for profit org and from what i can tell their approach to RBR is one from a Rally/Motorsport enthusiast perspective, in other words they do it for the love of it for little in return and if that's the main driving force of their agenda then i'm happy to continue to support Rallysim and persevere with the minor issues that may occur, which in my exp has been hardly any.
    On the issue of ease, my definition of simple is click once for download & click once for install then enjoy:).