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RSRBR2011 Update 01 now released

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Warren Dawes, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Update 01 is now released.
    You can find it here

    This fixes a few bugs in RSRBR2011 initial release, fixes the bugs with N4_2, and N4_S2000 car packs, and adds a few new things.

    Please install this update before next week's Club Rally.
  2. Oh boy! This thing has a bug of itself I guess!! :O

    It knocked off the N4_S2000_2 car pack by activating the N4_S2000_1 car pack... I tried reinstalling but in vain..
  3. You probably need to re-download the car packs. Each update also has a set of car packs that have updates as well that need to be downloaded. The update usually says what car packs those are at the end of the install. I just download and run the all cars pack each update.

    Edit: yup, on the update page: "With this update: re-download the N4_S2000_2 car pack"
  4. Hans Sneep

    Hans Sneep

    According the website you have to re download the Car pack:N4_S2000_2

    an the BTB Country packs for online .
  5. Now it's working all N pack ( especially N4-2), cose first it didn't !
  6. Cool. Those ones were worth absolutely nothing earlier :p