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Round #9, Italy: Race Briefing.

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Carlos Martín, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. Welcome to the 9th race of the 2014 Formula SimRacing Pro Series season at Monza.

    The password to join the server will be visible when you log in to GPCOS in the Control Center next to the server's IP address.

    Before proceeding to the event, pay attention to the following:
    • Read the updated 2014 rules package from this thread
    • Remember to join the game with the FSR Manager software running, and follow the post race procedures here
    The following drivers have automatically gained the right to race:
    Pre-Qualifying Group 1 (1-20)
    Drivers Not Allowed to Race
    Back of The Grid Penalties (7):
    Raceday Schedule:

    Sunday, 12:55 GMT Server Opens for PQ1
    Sunday, 13:00 GMT Pre-Qualyfing Group 1
    Sunday, 13:20 GMT: Practice
    Sunday, 13:35 GMT: Qualifying 1
    Sunday, 13:45 GMT: Qualifying 2
    Sunday, 13:50 GMT: Warmup
    Sunday, 14:00 GMT: Race

    The Free Practice session will be 15 minutes in length. Every participating driver should join as soon as possible after the server opens to make sure that they don't miss the start of Qualifying and also to make sure that their game is configured & working properly.

    Qualifying will be split to two sessions (10 + 5 minutes). Both sessions will run in non-private mode (all cars will be visible on track at the same time). Qualifying 1 will be run with free setup while Qualifying 2 has Parc Ferme enforced. Parc Ferme will only allow you to change your fuel load, tire compound, engine boost, engine brakemap, front wing angle, steering lock, brake balance and brake pressure after the session is over, so make sure you have your race setup loaded when entering Qualifying 2. Qualifying 2 session will be closed, this means that it will impossible for people to join while the session is running.

    The Warmup session will be 10 minutes in length. You can drive freely in the Warmup session to try to get a feel for the heavier car after qualifying on low fuel.

    The Race will be 32 laps long. Drive safely during the race, especially at the start and the first lap in general.

    Red Flags will NOT be used unless in very specific situations which are specified in the rule documents.
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  2. I had a game that did not work because I change pc. Only now they have reactivated rfactor 2 I can run today?
  3. Kris Cobb

    Kris Cobb
    Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal

    Rules about late allocations

    6.1 in the PRO Supplement
    Drivers who haven’t submitted their allocation within the specified time frame will only be allowed to take part in the event if
    1) there are free spots left on the grid (less than 26 drivers allocated), or 2) a pre-qualifying session is arranged. If the grid is full and a pre-qualifying is not arranged, a late allocated driver may not take part in the event under any circumstances. If several drivers allocate late, the one(s) with the earlier allocation timestamp have preference with regards to 1) and 2).

    3 drivers not allowed to race even though there is room in pre-qualifying. Of any rule, this rule is CRYSTAL CLEAR.

    Great job Carlos.
  4. Server Opens for PQ Session. Good luck!
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  5. Ryan Winsper

    Ryan Winsper
    Origin Front Row Racing - Team Manager

    Last edited: Sep 14, 2014
  6. Thanks a lot.

    Considering that the words comes from you I take it as something positive.

    Respect is something you never have to lose, comes over anything else. Those drivers didn't have any excuse for not allocating in time. As I told you privately (Well as I can see you want to bring it public, so lets go with it), how that makes sense? I mean a late allocation if there are 26 drivers, isn't allowed to race but if there are 27 he can PreQ and f*** up another driver who did his duties for racing.

    I allowed once this season with late allocation (Huge mistake) and I denied 4 times (This one is gonna be the 7th one). I understood that allowing him to race was a huge mistake, because someone who did the duties, wasn't racing because others careless.

    As I said respect is something never must be lost.
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  7. Do I have to remind you that lying to a race Director isn't best thing you can do?
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  8. 1. Adrian Falcon
    2. Victor Ivanov
    3. James Sadler
    4. Mike Partington
    5. Georg Winter
    6. Lionel Klue
    7. Mihajlo Vicentijevic
    8. Dmitry Zaharov
    9. Carlos Hernandez
    10. Cam Stark
    11. David Izquierdo
    12. Dewald Nel
    13. Cordell Cahill
    14. Teemu Valkeejarvi
    15. Sander Kallas
    16. Kuba Brzezinski
    17. Will Barnes

    There is one free spot. Preferences will be in order of allocation. Good luck
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  9. Server Opens for free practice.

    Good luck!
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  10. Ryan Winsper

    Ryan Winsper
    Origin Front Row Racing - Team Manager

    And since when have I lied to a race director?
  11. sorry didn't have an excuse not to allocate? I'm sorry you don't see a divorce hearing as a reason not to allocate. Im done.
  12. I explained you could have allocated as Uncertain Participation.
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  13. rude, deleted it
  14. Nice job admins btw...paid my license on Monday
  15. Kris Cobb

    Kris Cobb
    Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal

    I'd like to hear this as well.

    Except in this case the rule is clear as crystal.
  16. A: sebastiano


    Your rFactor activations have been reset. Please reactivate your game.

    To help avoid delays, always remember to include a [related] subject title and your purchase order number when contacting sales/support.

    To protect your rFactor account, always remember to keep your activation and/or login information safe anddo not share it with others.

    Note that your license agreement permits “the right to use one copy of the Software on a single computer” and that you are responsible for keeping your activation information secure. For more information, please see the Terms Of Use.

    Please note that you can avoid experiencing any down-time with rFactor by requesting activation renewals prior to your activations expiring (e.g. when you have 1 activation remaining). Simply email activations@rfactor.net with subject title “Activation reset” and include your purchase order number in the body of your email along with the game for which you are requesting renewals (rFactor1 or rFactor2).

    Any excuse? I received this email this morning. I was sure that my rfactor was reactivated next week. I thought I'd be lucky, but luck does not do anything when you're dealing with people closed

    I thought also sign up knowing i can not take it wrong ......
  17. As I said in last GP, I need a screenshoot of the payment. Send it to me pand you will be allowed to race.
  18. Ryan Winsper

    Ryan Winsper
    Origin Front Row Racing - Team Manager

    In still waiting Carlos, I don't like to be called a liar so please do inform me of when I ever lied to a race director...
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  19. I feel free to quote the registration instructions of the FSR website:

    5. After your payment has been received, your team will be accepted by the Admin, at GPCos. Please be patient, it can take a couple of days to validate the account.

    There is nothing said from a screenshot...
  20. Do I have to post all the conversation we had 3 months ago?