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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by Xosé Estrada, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. No penalty

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  2. +15 sec

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  3. +30 sec

  4. +60 sec

  5. No points

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  6. No points / no qualy in next race

  7. No points / DQ for next race

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  1. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Disadvantaged car: Mike Simian
    Team: FOR

    Reported car: Rickard Hellsten
    Reported Team: TOR


    Rickard pushing too hard in bad conditions. Misses his braking point, runs into Mike Simian at speed, causing damage and Mike looses 2 positions.
  2. how does that black rebel car come into this scene? was it affected as well? was it already in the gravel?
  3. Greg also missed his braking point because he was behind Hellsten, and hit the gravel also.
  4. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    60 seconds from RPM, missed his braking point by miles, definitely an avoidable incident.
  5. I agree with Ross on this, the braking was far too late. +60
  6. on wet track braking point is critical, we have to put more attention then usual, there was enought time to move sideways to try to avoid the collision.
    + 60
  7. Quick note, it wasnt wet on the S/F straight, so i tought it still was dry (No spray from the car ahead on my screen, but on the replay it is.....) and i didnt see any rain drops.
    If it was dry, i didnt brake too late, but ofc its way to late for wet, and i didnt know it was wet.

    End of note ;)

    *And it was not enough time to move a side as i was totaly suprised he braked that early.
  8. Well the circuit was never dry for the whole race. After the rain early in the first stint the off path
    wetness never went below 50%, so that braking point wasn't really usable in my opinion. I think more care
    is needed in such changable conditions, I think at that point we were all on dry tyres on a damp surface
    and the rain was coming down, conditions worsening (most pitted for wets at the end of the lap). I find
    it hard to see how you thought it was dry.

    Sorry +60 from us.
  9. Dont know what u call dry, but the racing line was dry. Off was wet the whole race, but racing line wasnt.

    This wont change the voting result anyway, so im out of the "discussion".
  10. Guys, do not open a discussion thread. As you say it will not change the resuls possibly, so just limit to post your point of view on the matter and a votation, or as much, add an explanation note as you did before Simon it can always help to have a clearer view.

    Thanks! :)
  11. Very late breaking point...he was thinking at other things....also the RPM driver missed his breaking point because the car in front of him. +60 Sec from MAG.
  12. As it was my team's car involved i wont be making any vote
  13. Simon, I know you will be fair in the voting. Plus it is a requirement.
  14. I don't think its correct for teams involved to vote, from my time in btcc / wtcc it doesnt happen in the real world so i wont do it here.
  15. Simon you have a point, Teams involved can comment but shouldn't vote.
  16. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    Maybe but we have rules and have to be respected. Please defend your point of view and vote.
  17. Simon told me to vote if i wanted, and i voted +60 just to get over with it. ;)
  18. well BFR are voting +60 as well after quite some discussion about all three incidents, they all fall under more or less the same category, don't they?
    Explanation here: breakpoint missed by misreading either/or track and opponent in front, pretty hard hit to boot.

    However, there is one comment from the forum that I would like to share (as food for thought): if we put those hits on the incident list there might not be enough close racing to make watching worthwhile in the future. Close racing in adverse conditions means risking a hit. Just wanted to share it.
  19. We felt that like the GBK vs TBR incident there was plenty room for the chasing car to fly past the car in front instead of rear ending them, yes you are saving yourself a bit of damage by using the car in front as a buffer but these kind of moves need to be cut down a bit so maybe a harsher penalty is needed.
  20. exaktly the same from gubbklubben for if he not hit the car in front he will get of in to the wall by him self
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