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Rothmans Racing

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Scott Beck, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. Rothmans Racing is thinking about returning to FSR. Is there any info you can give me about the 2012 season? Which sim? RF1 or RF2? Race days and times? Prices for teams and drivers?
  2. the sim will be rFactor 2.
  3. Ok thanks. That's one question answered.
  4. to do with the prices im not 100% sure but i heard it was 120 euros for a team, and 60 for the drivers.... im not sure if buying a team will cover driver costs or not tho.
  5. I'm only interested in the WT.
  6. 1-rFactor 2
    2-WT will be on Saturday, time still not decided.
    3-Prices will be announced soon, but you can expect around 50% less than last year.
  7. Thanks David. I may have 6 drivers that want to race.
  8. be good to see you nxt season scott and the rothmans team it been a while ;)
  9. That answer's some of my questions also :D

    XSG Motorsport are looking at entering into the WT or WS this year :D
  10. i thought you was talking to me there, i was thinking to myself wooo hold on.

    best of luck Scott with your team, im going to enjoy following this season and maybe make a debut next year (if we're all still alive that is! )
  11. Any news on what year the FSR mod will be based off?