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Helmets Rosberg & Vettel German Helmets 1.0

Fictional Versions

  1. Last edited: Jul 13, 2014
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  2. If u again resend same message i wont help in any way.
    How many times should i tell u bro.
    I told u i will send u the files, then reminding me again again wont make me upload the files any faster.
    Next time make backups.
    Check the link in the conversation thread.
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  3. sorry but you always disppear and go offline and I always thing you forgot me. (I'm not too sure did I sent it correctly because I'm a bit noob on this site.) Once again sorry. And in the conservation I said I'll make the backup of the backup :):thumbsup:
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  4. Fine.
    I won't sit around whole day at my pc but that doesn't mean i wont send u the file or that i forgot u.
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  5. thanks for the like :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  6. I have my summer brake (as I'm 14) and I sit around whole day at my PC. Yes its serious playing f1, and sometime play with ps3 with my other games.
    And the reason why I sent this things again and again because as I said I overwrote my backups and then "oh no I don't have the original files what shoud I do I need the files but I don't want to reinstall my game, and I can't because my internet is terrible only 128kbps because I used my 20gb up, and since you send me the link I opened it up and still loading :):):roflmao::thumbsup:
  7. Nice helmet, send Nico the picture on Facebook, I'm sure he will like it :p
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  8. Stunning Job man!
    Dovi is right,you should send him the pic of the helmet!
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  9. HI can you make this one off vettel???? :):thumbsup:

    Attached Files:

  10. Thanks man ;)
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  11. Normal for Gerald to give superb Designs and Normal for us to rate 5 stars :)
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  12. This does not belong here. Please post your requests in the request thread, that's what it's there for!

    @Gerald Chinoy, awesome work as usual!
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  13. sorry men :thumbsup:
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