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Apparel Rosberg 2014 Helmet HD 1.0

All out attack.

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  1. Awesome work again m8 , I can not understand whats happened to RD people have changed you explain how and where to install things and they just leave stupid comments and bad feedback after all the time you have spent creating your work , Makes me wonder if to even bother uploading anything else I agree with ML things are too bad to even upload :thumbsup:
  2. Some just need explanation for everything.
    Should try stuff on their own too.
    Or at least not comment on something which u don't understand.
    I do it because I like making stuff.
    And I keep getting requests for making new stuff.
    So I upload them.
    All r not the same.
    Hope they will understand us in the future and our work.
    Looking forward for your future work buddy.
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