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RONAX 500 GP Bike -14 HD 1

Tribute to the brand new Ronax 500GP Bike.

  1. Hi Kenny :)
    First of all thank you for your brillant skins!!!! I love it! I missed two legends in the game Kenny Roberts jr. ans Sete Gibernau with tue Telefonica Movistar Suzukis In my opinion one it the best bike skins ever Whats your opinion? Will it possible that you create this bikes and riders? Please... That would be the best
  2. Thank you for your kind reply! Regarding the Suzuki RGV500R Movistar bike, it feels kind of wierd knowing that the skin is going to be on a YZR500 or NSR500. If Milestone would have made a 3D model of the Moviestar RGV500 then it would not have been a question about it.

    What bike would you suggest the skin to look the most accurate on?