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Roaldo Racing: goodbye & re-organizing (part 2)

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Roald Reurink, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]Well, The season has finished for the greatest team ever in FSR :) Season 2010 had its ups and downs and the team is now fully re-organizing itself. New managers, new drivers, new website & forum, new sponsors etc etc.

    First some important stuff:

    Roaldo Racing 2011 so far
    Management: Roald Reurink and Jermaine Venhorst, you want to manage a team? Contact us!
    Drivers: If drivers also want to experience the Roaldo Racing method, hehe, which settles you in a complete new team, then contact the management. A whole new team will be build and you can be part of it! Including the great atmosphere which is always a strength of the team! If Roaldo Racing fits you, don't hesitate to contact us: roaldoracing@gmail.com!

    So...how did season 2010 go? The Roaldo Racing press asked their drivers: how was your time in the RR team? why did you chose for RR and how has it been? what were your best and worst moment?

    Ben Phillips
    "I started in Roaldo Racing last season in the pro categroy. I came accross mid season from Rothmans Racing and was made welcome right away by one of the top teams within FSR.
    I was attracted to Roaldo Racing instantly due to there long term and fruitful spell as one of the top teams FSR has seen.
    At the end of the season 09 there was talk of not running in 2010 so alot of us found new teams! It did not take me long to try and get my old seat back and Roald, who imo is the best manager a driver could wish for, welcomed me back with open arms. (*small tears from Roald here now :p) It will be very sad to see Roald leave FSR admin as he has brought a hell of alot of positives to the league. I'm happy that Roald and Roaldo Racing stay as manager&team, otherwise it would be like in the f1 paddock, losing a ferari or a mclaren.

    I wish Roald all the very best with his new ventures and looking forward to work with him and the team for season 2011."

    Andreas Nilsson
    "Even though my time in the Roaldo Racing Team hasn't been that long I've enjoyed it very much. It is always a nice atmosphere around here. Something that is very important to me.

    My best memory is my third place at the Hungarian GP this year, even if it was achieved due to others misfortune. This moment is still my best one so far in FSR. The worst one is probably when I had my incident in Valencia. A race that i practiced pretty much to, but got it ruined due to other drivers behaviour on track.
    I will remember this team as a good community that is very helpful if you get problems with something. Of course I will also remember the people who has contributed to make Roaldo Racing to what it is today.

    I think it is a real shame that Roald is leaving FSR admin, if the motivation for doing something is missing, I guess it's time to quit. Therefore, I think he's doing the right choice. All things has to end some time, right? When I joined FSR and Roaldo Racing this year, Roald was a big help for me when I should get used to all the proceedures here. So, I owe him a big thank you!
    Finally, I just want to thank everyone in Roaldo Racing for this season, which is is now over!"
  2. Ben Phillips* LOL Ronald!!!!!
  3. Sorry!! I mixed it up with Brian Labode, also a veteran! Changed, sorry! hehe