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Road Etiquette Debate

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Carl Abrams II, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Coming off my first ever Road win (see, rednecks CAN turn right =p), the high it gave me was dashed in the next race by a number of incidents and berating from opponents. It made me think perhaps I’m not as fluent in Road etiquette as I thought, so help me straighten myself out to find out where, and if, I was wrong. These were all at Limerock in the MX5 (and all in 1 race ><).
    Incident 1 – Warmups/Lap 1/ Turn 5 (the hill) – Someone took the corner quite slow, so as I rounded the corner approaching the hill in 4th gear, he was just cresting the hill in 3rd. As I crested the hill with a high closing rate, he moved over to the far right side of the straight. I passed him and reached T6 before him, but not knowing where he was I slowed considerably and stayed in the high groove. I then got hit in the right rear which spun me to the right and into him as he passed, which spun him to the left and into the guy following me, causing quite a kerfuffle. I was only mildly annoyed until he called me out and placed the blame on me, saying “he had the line”. It is my opinion that 1) being on the right side of the straight and approaching a right hand corner that he didn’t have the line, 2) I gave him more than enough room anyway, and 3) you shouldn’t outdrive your skills during Warmups. The replay clearly showed I stayed completely in the top half of the corner, whereas he drifted from the rumble strips up across the centerline of the track and into me.
    Incident 2 - Race/Lap1/Turn 1 – Starting 3rd and not wanting a T1 mosh pit, I brake early, tip-toe timidly into the turn hugging the rumble strips only to have 2nd place dive from the outside to the inside edge and run over my nose, knocking me into the grass. He cried foul saying I ran into him and I should have braked. I did brake, but I think that on Lap 1/T1, my job is to hold my far inside line, brake enough to not drift high, but still go fast enough so that the 4-5 guys behind me don’t pile up. The replay showed I was solidly on the rumble strip with no drift to the outside before he clobbered me.
    Incident 3 - Race/Lap2/Turn 7 – I caught back up with the same guy who ran me off on T1 and had a wicked run coming off of T7 onto the straight. I took a mild draft before pulling out well behind him to establish my line. He waits until the last minute to crank a hard right in front of me, and with such a run coupled with his last minute swing, I punt him and send him skittering into the grass (he didn’t wreck). He said he was blocking me and placed the blame on me for running him over (really?!). I hate blocking but I accept it for what it is, and always either do a crossover or let up and overtake them elsewhere. I believe this was his fault for 1) blocking way too late and 2) blocking on Lap 2 in the first place.
    So what say you? I’m not really looking for advice on how to avoid this, as I am quite a patient and safe racer, but rather looking for a rock solid interpretation of Road etiquette and sporting code. Seems there’s a bit of difference between Road and Oval and I just want to know where those differences are. (Don’t feel bad for telling me if I was wrong, I prefer the truth.)
  2. Hard to judge without seeing the replay for myself.

    But I'll offer this advise... Map a key to mute driver. There are lots of manchildren on iRacing, that simply cannot be reasoned with and certainly are never wrong...

    Oh, and save your replays just in case you need to file incident reports or defend yourself from one.
  3. Sad but true,and good advice Saul is giving,stay calm mute the driver and keep your eye out for him (most of the times the wreck them self's ) and furthermore I don't believe there is a differences between road or oval its the people not the car
  4. If you hold your line and give plenty of space then that is the other drivers fault for not being able to hold their line. In that type of instance I will only run two wide with only a hand full of people most of the time. After a race as gone a couple laps and I see how people are driving in front of me will I make a choice to take a turn two wide or not. If you pay attention you will be able to tell which drivers can hold a line and which cannot.

    If you get hit from behind that is the other drivers fault unless you are doing 50 and they are doing 120... That is different... lol...

    If you were on the inside line and honestly held it to the curbs and they turned down into you, it was the other drivers fault in any condition. However there is another side to that story. If you were on the curbs before and didn't dive bomb him for the corner (he knew you were there) it's his fault. If you did dive bomb the corner there is a chance that he didn't see you or that he was already mid turn making his apex without time to correct it with you there.
  5. Sorry, actually I shouldn't say a lot.. most of my races have been very clean and there are a lot of good clean drivers that give each other room. So I don't want to cast the wrong impression on iRacing :)

    But I have had a couple instances similar to your own Carl, and Joe is right. Keep an eye out for those guys.

    My personal favorite is the over / under manuever. You know, the guy that is going to dive bomb you going into a corner and you can see it coming... I just brake a little early, wait for them to overcook it and go wide (not taking me out in the meantime), then just drive on by underneath them again :)
  6. Given only your side of the story, it sounds to me as if you were doing what you should have been doing, except perhaps that last incident, which he called "Blocking." If he got in front of you clean, then you have to keep from hitting him from behind. Of course, he can't just wiggle back and forth to keep you behind. I think the accepted protocol is to only change lines once to block. If he moved to block late and couldn't get in front of you without, in essence, hitting your car (which was going straight) with the rear parts of his car (not the center rear, but the quarter rear), then he wrecked himself, I'd say.

    This is the reason I rarely race iRacing outside of club and league events, where I know the drivers, and know they will drive clean (sure, we all make mistakes) and we can race close (fun!) without fear of foolishness. I'm racing in the Star Mazda series this season to advance to Class B (tired of sitting at Class C) just to see how the races go at that level. We'll see. There was the usual first lap foolishness at Road America in the race I did today, but after that, people were largely clean and competent. At least as competent as I am. :)
  7. Thanks for the advice guys. I have the mute driver button mapped, but this was all text. Ah well...

    And I totally get the dive bombing issue and NEVER do it. In fact, I followed up that race with an epic 7 lap battle for first where I was on the leaders bumper for over 7 straight minutes. I was faster than him on every corner except T6, but on LRP I'm really only comfortable with passing on the straight (unless they're very slow or weaving all over) Time after time I'd move inside, get half a car next to him, then back off so I didn't force the issue and bomb him. It was the best 2nd place I ever had, and we spent a good 5 minutes recounting and cheering each other after the race. But in my 1st example, it was the first turn on the first lap. I had no choice but to be where I was since going faster meant pushing up into him and going slower meant getting run over. 2 wide was my only choice, and his opinion seemed to be I should have let him in (iThruwayMerge, anyone? ;))

    As for the block, yeah, I get that it's the guy-in-back's responsibility to avoid contact (even if it's lap 2 ><) but seeing blocks before it's always a guy drifting over, over, over, controlled and gentle. This guy just cranked in front of me when I was 5ft away from him and I had about 10mph on him (in the Miata). MAYBE if I jammed full brake I wouldn't have hit him, but with hitting the brakes not being natural or expected on a straight, I could only lift and swerve, and even so still hit him because I was flying. I can accept partial responsibility on that even though I in no way purposely hit him, but deep inside I still think that if you wanna block, expect a 0X. =p

    Thanks again guys for the clarification. I was pretty sure I had it right, i.e. if side by side you hold your line, but the sporting codes language of "if a car is up to your door...." plus these guy's rants had me thinking you were supposed to, I dunno, pull over and stop for them or something. I was used to Oval style where if you dive low, you stay low, and the guy up high fights tooth and nail, but stays high. No one "gives" or "allows" or "lets by", you just hold your line and fight for it. I'll just chalk this up to 'manchildren' and move on. One or two guys are not going to spoil iRacing for me, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't totally dishonoring Road's Code of Conduct.
  8. Carl,

    I'm sure your sequence of events are as it happened and usually without hearing both sides of arguments its hard to make fair judgement, but in the cases you have referred to, especially the Lap1/Turn1 episode, it would appear the 'other driver' is one of those who would blame everyone and his granny for causing an incident before he would blame himself, when it seems it is he who was wrong. Sounds to me like he made the move over to the right to prepare for the left hand Turn 2 without even giving your track position a second thought.

    His blocking move sounds like a total disregard for racing etiquette. There are legal ways to block and then there are the the downright clever dick ways to do it, which usually result in both cars coming together.

    The warm-up incident is something I have come across myself several times, being the car in your position and also the car coming up behind. You do your best to give room to a car to your left/right but usually whilst giving the majority of your attention to this opponent you fail to recognise the car coming up behind at speed. I happens and you live and learn from these incidents. Just keep t your line, maintain your speed where you can and more often than not you'll come out of the corner ahead and able to continue on.

    The main problem is the a'holes who then feel the need to vent their spleen at you, because they are always the ones hard done by, even though it may occasionally be them that were the root of the problem to start with.
  9. Thanks, Daz.

    That blocking thing is going to take some getting used to, I'll admit. From what I gather from televised road racing and F1, an opponent is allowed to move into your lane to block, but then he has effectively made his decision of where he's going to be, correct? If he's high and I'm low, and he comes down to block, then he's now committed to low, no? If I then move high, his coming back up high is now unsportsman, an act of aggression, etc? I guess I'm looking for that line in the sand between a road racing connoisseur and a road racing (expletive deleted). And of course, I assume blocking is done with an intentional and obvious drift in front of someone, not a hard jerk toward them when they're 2 feet away? This is kind of new to me, figure I should get it straight before I cause a dust up.