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Tracks Road America 2.5.2 2.9.1 fixed bumps

Road America

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  1. thanks
  2. Thanks for this new update. I hope in that version the turn5 curb is much longer like IRL.
  3. thanks...Like it ....keep going!

  4. Hello
    No penalties areas defined ...
  5. [SURFACE_4]
  6. obviously grass and sand are not penalty in this track that is ridiculous in my opinion to have a mistake and go to the grass and have 5 seconds penalty
  7. Thomas Cameron

    Thomas Cameron
    Don't give me your patter Premium

    I seen you thought I said you got the track from forza it was not my intention.
    I was stating that I used to drive the same track on forza 4 and liked it sorry for the confusion. .
  8. Ouf ! Waiting about since a long time, because it' s my Us track prefered.
    thanks a lot and indicate that is one too on rf2
  9. Erg


    I love it. Thank you.
  10. stadlereric


    Love this track, this is the best version yet! Thanks!
  11. Nice track ..., but incorrect road boundaries, ai run out of road.
  12. Don't know how to do that, please teach
  13. nice track !! i liked it in rf1 was fun to drive
  14. is this a "real" 2.6? Because when extracted the folder still have 2.5 and evend the .kn5 have the 2.5 number. Thanks in advance :)
  15. mine is also listed "roadamerica_2.5" when it is unzipped. Is a typo or ? I await updating until I hear different.
  16. Will there be added more bumps?

    I guess its a little flat atm?
  17. yes guys it is correct, cause for now i don't want to change the name so people with older versions and all your replays will still work

    If i change to 2.6 then it wouldnt + plus people with older updates would not be able to join the server,
    Since there is no change in the surfaces ini, i think it's better like this for now
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.