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Ridiculous screen dirt build up

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Bram, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    We have just finised a XWTCC race at Brno (50 minutes). Now is Brno located nicely in the woods of southern Czech Republic with lots of wild animals, but or they have birds that they feed too much, or the Sahara has moved to Europe but the dirtbuild up was insane: so much :poop: on the screen that i could easily grow vegetables on it. Sick!
    It's a real disadvantage for us that play with cockpitview: :poop: everywhere and the windscreenwipers running 24/7 without any result

  2. Lol, I noticed that too. Had to run my whippers every lap or so to scrap all of the crap off.
  3. I started racing in hood view because of that problem. Lots of bugs during race season.
  4. ahhaha I lol'd so hard when I read this. I'll do some endurance racing tonight against the AI, I'll see how bad it gets.. but not on Brno :p
  5. I agree with you guys, maybe a plr file could be changeable to solve the problem. Hope somebody will work on it since i don't have the knowledge to do it my self.
  6. Does that mod work on windscreens aswell? Or just visors?
  7. I myself don't have a problem with the dirt build up, in fact the overall dirt quantity seams about right...
    Of course, what obstructs vision more in RL is the rubber marbles and not "bugs splat” type visual effects Race07 shows us.

    My problem is with the damn pit-crew, they refuse to clean the windshield every time I pit... maybe I need to pay them a little extra, or yet, maybe they expect me to exit the car and do it myself?:struggle:

    In GTR2 the windscreen was cleaned every pit stop... a step back :(

    Btw, I'm not talking here about how the game handles (decides) when and where to put dirt in the windshield...
    It is well known that in Race07 not only one can be parked at the grid and get hit by “projected” stones, but also we can be hit by a 120 km/h traveling bugs doing fly-by at grid level :wink2:
  8. it works on both visors and windscreens , I have been using it ever since I found it.
  9. probaly they have a beer and a good lough while you are cleaning the window :p