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Rider Movement

Discussion in 'MotoGP 15' started by LORENZO#99, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Do you riders change class and team? Please tell me Kent doesn't stay in Moto3 and that VR46 races forever?
  2. Found the answer. Milestone have to fix this.
  3. rkh


    no way they will, that's why we are here. Never an issue updating grids, but certainly sacrifices have to be made. Sometimes shortening names, etc. but it always still reflects the real changes and we are quite happy as far as those updates go. I'd rather have them fix the tracks and bike behavior.
  4. Atleast give us the option to edit names/numbers to enforce this ourselves. That way in the fourth year we could make our own riders for Moto3 etc. A simple option like editing profiles would fix this without having to code the game dramatically.
  5. rkh


    would be soooo simple for these clowns. just like a soccer manager, etc. you should have full access to changes...laughable, but we don't settle for that here :ninja:
  6. They can't make that possible due to license issues. Same for F1 codemasters. Simple won't happen. But would be nice to have the same as FIFA or PES, like old riders retire while young riders sign for top bikes
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  7. Or just allow us to edit names, numbers and profiles so we can customise our own experience. 2k have done this with their games whereby you can pretty much create your own NBA.
  8. rkh


    i don't understand. isn't that why you have an editor? I mean every licensed and unlicensed soccer game does it. got nothing to do with license in this case, as far as every other game is concerned. they in fact offer the editor due to licensing reasons such as no license or limited license or an about to expire licensing contract. You cannot expect customers to keep buying next year's version if they decide there is no improvement, that is why you can play with Football Manager 2013 cause you can edit rosters and everything else...just don't understand what is different here...
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  9. rkh


    yep, I agree 100%.
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  10. I dont think the editing capabilities have to do with licensing either. Making certain aspects of any software customizable and flexible requires extra work on behalf of the developers, and quite a bit. And its usually a core aspect that must come up in early development. You cant change/add these things on a consolidated product. (not that’s its impossible, just at this point its a lot of extra hard work) :confused:

    Other reasons is that football games like PES etc have a mid season market where a lot of the players change from team to team. Take also into account that in a PES there are a great number of teams or call it groups of players. In gp there are only 3 groups ..just not worth the hassel?... also these games usually have a rival brand PES vs FIFA.. etc :O_o:

    here theres only Motogp 15 vs… what: Motogp 14? ride? pod racer? :cry: If another motorcycle game came out.. they might take customizing into account just to have an edge..:ninja:
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  11. No, they won't allow customizing due to licensing and also THEIR money. If you allow editing then expect people to make awesome "Next year mod" and goodbye sales.
    I mean, if you could swap riders through classes, edit 3d bike models and tracks, who on earth would spend 40$+ on the "new game" especially if the new game is nothing much then an update.

    Milestone has chosen to crypt its files and make the modders lives difficult. That's it.
    Codemasters doesn't allow much editing either.
    Yes, rFactor and AssettoCorsa were made editable on purpose, but I don't think releasing their tools would be too much trouble for Milestone. Open your eyes
  12. Oh, yea.. it will always definitely come down to sales.

    I was under the impression that when you mentioned “They can't make that possible due to license issues” you meant that Motogp and milestone had in its contract that milestone could not develop the game freely and add a “customization option” at their own will. ( me doubts that :unsure:)

    The fact that they don’t add it is as you say, later on, is due to sales. If I were the project manager of the development of the motogp I would do exactly the same thing. Especially I knew, and they know, that the engine would be changed in the years to come. :laugh:

    However, if another company came along, made another quality motorcycle game and took the leap to incorporate Editing affecting their sales, I think they might consider it... :whistling:
  13. I cross My fingers to see again SBK again , but I keep dreaming this game could fight agaist motoGP :p
  14. I just want a proper MotoGP game.
    3Scanned tracks with proper textures. 3Scanned bikes. Believable physics and entertaining career.
    If they need time to make it, no probs, make a 1 class only game. Moto2 and Moto3 can come next year. But firstly make sure the basic game is strong and awesome...

    Milestone has great potential but they seem to be blind twats. No MotoGP fan would release a game like that. Honestly I hoped next year someone else would purchase the license but it ain't gonna happen
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