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RIDE 2 Total FX Mod 1.82

Improve graphic effects and game cameras

  1. Alberto Zanot submitted a new resource:

    RIDE 2 Total FX Mod - Improve graphic effects and game cameras

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  2. SparkyPlums


    I have not used any hacks, my game is totally stock. I even deleted it and re downloaded it off steam. I left the review to give you a heads up about a problem....sorry for tyring to help.
  3. This is the correct way to heads up a problem, here in support, and hopefully giving more details (...), not reviewing and rating without even try it (because of a problem of your system). Thanks.
    AFAIK you are the only one having this problem (30 downloads here and more than 150 on moddb).
    Reinstalling was not needed. I was meant to be talking about the savegame.
    Did you tried to backup your savegame, delete it, and try the mod again?
    Do the game crash instantly? Or after some screens? Where exactly?
    Have you tried not copying the Reshade stuff, but only data.mix?
    In the wrost case, maybe Milestone did an update on steam, making the mod not useable. I cannot verify because i have the stock 1.0 version, no updates. In the launch screen, which version you read?
    Thanks for your appreciated help, that becomes real help if you would add some details.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2016
  4. Ohh i think the Dynamic FOV, where can i chance it..?
    so i can chance it to stock files, i'm so confuse to use the Dynamic FOV on the rear camera.
  5. Exactly. the LITTLE distortion (c'mon do not exaggerate, it doesn't look like a limo ahahah) is because of the FOV changing with speed.
    You can turn off dynamic fov simply deleting the "Component {CameraModifierComponent}" line inside the "Actor {NearRear}" group. I am talking of the GAMEPLAYCOMMONCAMERAS.BML file, ofcourse.
    Bytheway i am sorry and sad that you want to turn off dynamic fov. It took me days of trial and error to set it up correctly, and it really gives you sense of speed, don't you think? The stock fov is so boring... Trust me, i have a CBR 1000 RR (a real one...) and when you are at 280kmh the road looks like it's damn tight! :D
    Have a nice day!
  6. Hahahaha... Nice try dude, like your response.. :roflmao::roflmao::roflmao: so funny.. :D
    i agree with you that the stock fov is so boringgggg, and sometimes i just get sleepy after do 3-4 races:sleep:, but... it's just a game, we can't even sense the saddle of the bike or some kind of wobble on your tyres, the air pressure, or the sense of your brake point like the real ones, we even just played it with a stick controller, not a handlebar hahahaha.. :roflmao:
    but btw, thx for the answer mate ;);) and for this fantastic mod :thumbsup::thumbsup: great job !
  7. Grande lavoro Alberto! ;)
  8. Oh heyy, 1 more question mate...
    how can i chance the shine glowing effect into stock..? cz in some tracks, it's just too shiny...
  9. Great mod!! Thanks!! If your game has crashing issues (if you have the money mod), install the original menu.mix file. Four(4) races in after mod install and no crashes yet. Will keep you guys up to date if issues arise.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2016
  10. @Supernova76 Grazie caro! :)
    @Charkx27 Do you mean the "6 points star" shines?
    @kndrggr Thanks buddy! Glad it works ok for you (and most of users i can say)

    P.S. to all: Would you kindly rate it 5 stars if you liked it? :) Thanks a lot!
  11. Iyaappsss mate, that's what i mean...
  12. it's too shiny when the bike has many white color Ride2X64 2016-11-09 23-23-16-94.jpg ... Ride2X64 2016-11-09 23-17-58-01.jpg
  13. hahaha it's just the replica, but not the same one, just 80% same as the real ones, like the sponsors, from termignoni, i chance it to Akrapovic cz i used the cbr racing version, but i just can if i want to convert it to the cbr race bike modified, so u can chance to Termignoni Exhaust, hehehe :D
    do you want it ?

    but first, tell me how to get rid of the shiny thing or 6 points star or what ever you said it... haha...
  14. Game crashes when loading track with this mod. tried everything you've suggested previously and nothing fixes it. deleted my save and it crashes while loading after character creation..
  15. Did some more messing around, put everything in apart from the data file and it works fine. So the data file is whats crashing my game..
  16. yep,it crashes with the latest update of the game
  17. SparkyPlums


    Does the same for me, have you 2 posters above me by any chance bought the dlc packs?
  18. i have the first two dlc packs