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[Richard Burns Rally] Noob Questions.

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Jazoray, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. Hi. i am new to tracks creation with bob's track builder. I am aspiring to make many new tracks for Richard Burns Rally.

    i have successfully created some tracks and driven on them.

    but i'm trying to make them more like the original Tracks.

    How do i add particle effects to the road surface?
    How do i add skidmark effects to the road surface?
    Can i grab the road surface textures from original rbr maps?
    How can i add things like ditches, potholes?

    Can I export several BTB tracks to rbr, so that i can select from them ingame?
  2. Hi, glad to see new trackbuilder :)

    Shortly said, RX plugin has some limitations...

    - particles - RX uses slot 41 (Cote D'Arboz) to load all RX tracks into this slot. So, it uses particles from France (tarmac). To have gravel particles, simply make a backup of ps_montblanc and replace this with ps_usa or british or australia's particles. But since there is no way to make cameras for RX, you will have not much better smoke efects.

    - or - you mean maybe different physics - then use Material Editor found in "BTB/Support/RBR" and attach your custom physics to your textures.

    - skidmarks - you can place semi-transparent Walls over your roads - just like found in BTB video tutorials (but you will not have physics from them unless you make them driveable)

    - original RBR textures can be found in .rbz files ("../RBR/Maps/"). You can open and extract them with 7zip program easily. All of them are .dds files, so the best idea is to use Photoshop with NVidia DDS plugin to save your choosen textures into sigle files and pack them in your XPacks.

    - ditches, potholes - use Road Shape Sections to make them, also using Randomness can be very effective to simulate more rough road surfaces. Refer again to BTB videos how to make them.
    Another way - to have more control on your road and roadside shapes - use multimaterial road building method, called eMeL (among other names) which I found very effective also when planning conversions for original (classic) RBR format.

    As time passed by, I mastered the rules how to use that eMeL method to make conversions fast and non-problemative. However it's not written there, I believe that information from the thread can give you quite big picture how it works.

    - you can't make a whole rally from several tracks. All you can do is just to load one track at a while from (RBR game)-Options-Plugins-RBR_RX list.

    Happy trackbuilding :) m.
  3. Thanks for the reply. This is really relpful :)

    But i am a bit confused about the skidmarks answer. I don't want to add a skidmark that is there static. I want MY car to create skidmarks when i drive on it. just like it does when driving over the surfaces in various gravel countries.

    And i am also confused about the several tracks reply. I exported one track, then another. But the list in the RX plugin still only contained one track - the second one i exported.

    I have seen others create tracks that replaced some existing tracks, requiring tracks.ini to be edited. How did they do it?
  4. RBR creates some skidmarks (and they disapear after a while). This is the only way to get them in game. If you don't see them in RX, it's because of maybe weather settings (you can try to mess up with RX light settings on your own risk, not recommended ;) )

    You can still paint static ruts and skidmarks on textures, but it will raise the number of textures. The more materials (and Material Change Sections) - expect less and less performance

    When you export a track from BTB, you can see 3 fields - RBR Folder, Track Name and Track Folder - you have to name your track and set the folder for this track, in other case BTB will always overwrite the same files/folders :)
    Note: after successful export, save your project that BTB remembers export settings for that particular track/project.

    "tracks.ini" has nothing to RX plugin while this file contains information of original tracks or original format tracks (like for Wally's Czech plugin). "tracks.ini" file is located in "Maps" folder.
    RX plugin has his own folder - "RX_CONTENT".

    You can edit name of the RX track though - open a file called "track.ini" inside ...\Richard Burns Rally\RX_CONTENT\Tracks\BobsTrackBuilder\" for example.

    You have to restart RBR (the whole game) to see new tracks on RX list. When you work on some project and re-export a track with changes, just reload your track (no RBR restart needed).