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Tracks Ricardo Tormo 0.9

Ricardo Tormo

  1. Albert McSaltens submitted a new resource:

    Ricardo Tormo - Ricardo Tormo

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  2. Is there anyone that knows how to create properly the fast.lane.ai?
  3. having an issue with track limits. while well within track limits my first lap gets disqualified (cut detected. lap will not count) at turn 14. after the first lap i can make it to turn 2 before my lap is considered to have been cut. known issue?
  4. can you show me a video or picture where it was cut detected?
  5. sorry it took so long. i had to figure out how nvidia's shadowplay worked, then after i finally got the vid stored it was well over 300mb, ran it through avidemux, edited it down a bit and it's a bit more than 2mb. i did a couple of shapshots of the corners where the cut laps happened and i've included both. should you want the video as well, i could upload that.

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  6. Thank you for helping with this, i found the issue, uploading a fixed version.
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  8. Tnx for the Ai fix.
    Actually i thougth no one cared for this track but this show at least someone does,
    I'm releasing now a newer update, mainly changes will be couple textures, and better road mesh
    Known issue the tyre skid at some parts need fixing.
    I'll include your Ai fix.
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  9. Nice job !
    Big potential I also think.
    I'll wait for later version an maybe multi layout.
    See you
  10. Terra21


    Nice work mate. a bit ot but hows your sound mods coming along would love to try them out when finished:thumbsup: also still doing your track cams? some tv/static ones for cadwell track would be great:)
  11. Hey, Yeah Cameras is somehting i'm usually messing on with. for the sounds they are almost done, only a fine tunning for some gear sounds. although the engine limiter bug is yet to be fixed, but for now i just we just disabled them. i would say a 0.9 verison of those couple soundmods could be released maybe end of month or september,
    And maybe in the future more soundmods.
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