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WIP [Rfactor] Wheldon Park (Help Needed, Please!) :)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Drummer, Aug 30, 2012.

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  2. Shawdad

    PSN ID: Shawdad

    Nice idea! Let me know what textures/buildings you want me to attempt. I need some practice with Sketchup. ;)
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  4. I have idea for the track, but first will make a draw of the track using parts the original.
    like make a chicane before main straight,put a close turrn 1 ,make another straight in turn 3 till turn 6.after that move pit lane forward a little!:)
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  6. Right!I have some new ideas but my BTB have problem,so i gonna use paint to edit using you bird eye! I could'nt express my ideas because is only on my mind! I keep contact!;)
  7. And you last turn is a litle eses not a chicane!:)
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  9. GRAB_000.JPG

    I downloaded your pit garages, and they load fine in rfactor for me.
    The project i was working on has come to an early stop, so i maybe able to help you with wheldon park for a little while.
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  11. I'm not actually looking to be that involved in the track, and I'm not that great at making textures either.

    I think I will try to concentrate on the old pitlane first with one building at a time as you've indicated that you want it in the reims style. How long do you want this pit building to be and how many pitstalls?
  12. Thinking about it more, if you can do rough sketches and give dimensions with a pencil and paper, scan or photograph the sketch and post it here in the topic, I can try and make the custom buildings.

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  14. Unfortuneately your the only person really able to do the terrain texture blending, as the blueprint of what it should look like is in your mind.

    At this stage, all I can do is just wait until you have an issue with a building. Only then i can test it on my computer to see if it works.
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  16. I'm sorry Drummer,

    Because there was no response from you for nearly a whole month, and you quite clearly stated you wanted to make the buildings yourself. I decided to try and help someone else on another project.

    There really isn't anyone in the world who can help you atm, as all the details are in your mind only. You have not provided any specific details, drawings, or dimensions of items what you want.

    You may aswell ask for a thingy, with another thingy sticking out on one side, with a bit upside down so it lines up with the other thingy in my mind. It must match the colour of the other thingy down the otherside of the thingy, and must be very detailed and look good. I want it exactly like Reims in the pictures, but I dont want it to look at all like Reims if you no what I mean.

    Once you have provided specific drawings, people can help you.
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  18. Even if you are frustrated as hell and have real life issues (which are more important than this here, of course), we are definetly the wrong audience for your insults, sorry.
    • Although you did remove some of the swearing you just added more in this post. Please do not repeat that. 7 day suspension.
    Get off my case. Delete this thread, the project is scrapped. I've spent too damn long on this and asked countless times for help; this is what I get. This place truly sucks. Thanks for nothing.
  19. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    No worries and because you keep insulting fellow members (even tho you tried to hide that by deleting your post) & RD as a whole you'll be unable to contribute to this place for the next 7 days. Not a biggie then, uh?

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