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Rfactor to Racer track conversion issues

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by tornado33, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone,
    I have been reading these forums for a long time now but as i have an issue i thought it was a good time to start posting :p

    I am trying to convert a version of Silverstone from Rfactor to racer for personal use, i have been through the process of converting all of the .dds files to .tga and now i am stuck. From the tutorial on the racer.nl website it informs me that i should change the texture that the .gmt file is looking for from .dds to .tga. I have a copy of 3dsmax 2010 and i have installed the following plugins: importGMT2, GMT2-wizard and the Rfactormax 2010. I have seen written that the hardwareshader.(something) needs to be updated, which makes sense because when i ever i use the importGMt2 script a message pops up about it. So basically I am sort of lost on how to change what file type the .gmt files are looking for. Probably very simple to sort i am just horribly inexperienced with 3dsmax :p

    Would greatly appreciate the support :)
  2. firstly i wouldnt recommend using importGMT2, because for some reason it makes everything look wrong when you take it out to racer..but that maybe something i did...as for converting dds to tga, i use 3dsimed..texture batch conversion, it works the best..i would have a look around for dds plugin for 3dsmax, then you shouldnt need to convert the files as it would be a waste of time..racer can take them from memory..apart from that..post a pic of the message your getting (print screen, save in a paint prog) then post it, and i'll see if i can help you out..as i'm learning racer myself
  3. Kei


    hi, i am having problems to convert tracks from rfactor too, i have used notepad++ and macros to change all the dds to tga in the gmt files.
    I am currently trying to export the models to 3ds format. but some of the file names are truncated.
    some textures are missing when I open the .3ds in the 3d studio max. the problem is when imported the ase in tracked, I see nothing but wire frames, except for the trees.
    what should i do?