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rFactor Strange Wheel behavior after 30 min?!?!?!?!?!?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Kane Lasky, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. I just recently started playing rFactor and have experienced some weird phenomena I cannot understand while trying to do race simulations for the WTM event. This happened three separate times in an off-line race with 30 A. I. Everything was working normal, just about at the 30 minute point (it was a 45 minute race) my steering wheel would not control the car, then it would work, then it wouldn't. Both times I had to come back to the pits for damage to me hitting something from the wheel veering off in one direction or the other. I wanted to carry on to see how the tire life would be at the end of the raceso I came into the pits to repair the damage and went back out . This problem continued to manifest and was not limited to the steering wheel sometimes the throttle would just stay stuck open.

    I have never had any type of problems like this before. I have a G27 wheel. I checked to make sure the device drivers were updated. Windows says they are. My wheel did not seem to be hot to touch and the fan is on as well so I don't suspect overheating.

    Anyone know what the cause is?
  2. There is a FFB Reset function under the mappings.
    Are you running ReelFeel ?
  3. not running real feel. Tried ffb reset button. controller is actually malfinctioning when it happens. usually wheel will not turn vehice or throttle stick open. What I think is happening is the signals I am inputting into the controller are being delayed or being proccesed by the game slower, hence it appears the thottle is stuck open because is takes too long to recognise you have already let off. Whatever is happing it only happens after at least twenty minutes of consistant lapping.