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rFactor Racing Club Changes

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by James Chant, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. After a long period of service, it is sad for me to say Lee Palmer, and Adam Eggbeer have decided to step down as rFactor club organisers.

    I hope you will all join me and all the RD Staff in saying they have done a wonderful job here, keeping you all entertained with great events during their time in charge, and we wish them all the success as they pursue their interests into the future.

    Whilst we decide upon new racing club staff to take over the reigns, we will be running events using a whole host of new mods, and some of your old favourites, to give you racers a wide variety to whet your appetities.

    We are looking to run events on a daily basis, and welcome all suggestions and feedback from the community.

    Once again, thank you Lee and Adam, see you on the track!
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  2. I really enjoy the GP2 Mod..its always nice to have open wheel racing events happening on weekly basis as long as we are able to get people in...My question is: will there be any open wheel championship this year(rfactor) and if yes ,some specifics please:)
    And also: can we get the server up running a day before the event:)

    P.S. i enjoy all the FSR moddified F1 cuircuts and it'll be nice if we can get some more of it ..Malasya,new Bahrain,China,Hungary,Brasil etc ,all are nice to drive on:)
  3. Servers - depend on what's happening the day before. So on Saturday, if there is an event in club or league, the Sunday server won't be put up until after its finished.
  4. Rui F. Martins

    Rui F. Martins
    Premium Member

    i think that it would be cool if we used the endurance series mod for some races in the race club
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  5. Cheers Adam & Lee....every race ive had here has been a blast!
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  6. Thanks to Adam and Lee, i've tried to involve myself with as many races as I could, always had a blast!

    Races on a daily basis would be very nice! I've really enjoyed the GP2 mod and the 207 mod, it has always been a good turnout for these events. I'll also look forward to trying out some new mods.
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  7. I hope that each mod has at least 3-5 events before being changed, changing a mod every week could ruin the consistancy that some people can learn from driving the same car with the same people for a few weeks, which is helpful for new drivers. The 207 events have really helped me for about 3 months and my pace would not be anywhere near the level as it is now if I wasn't able to consistantly practice with 1 car instead of swapping mods each week.
  8. For some days we may keep the same mod, fr some we may change each week to avoid it going stale, also creates a bit of a level playig field, and is good for drivers' personal development to use diferent cars more often,
  9. Just like to say thanks to Lee and especially Adam as i had more involvement in the races he organised, Always good fun and well arranged. I quite like the idea of different mods :) Although the 207's are pretty damn epic. Wouldnt mind a lower level single seater mod for example FBMW (only one i can think of at the moment) as an entry level into single seater racing? i found the GP2 cars a bit daunting when i tested offline.
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  10. Rob Hermans

    Rob Hermans
    Shortening straights and straightening bends ©

    Thanks very much for your efforts, Lee and Adam :)
    The events which you two organised were always great to participate in, and it was great fun racing on track with you as well.
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  11. Thy a lot for your good work. Was always superb events
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  12. adam, lee, it was a pleasure:(
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  13. Sorry to hear Adam and Lee are stepping down, they did a great job and hope they will still be participating in some of the events.
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  14. thanks for answering my questions James.
  15. Big thanks to Lee and Adam Always good fun in your races,hope to see you two on track sometime:D
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  16. Only jsut saw this thread as Ive been struggling to manage time lately...
    Sad to see Adam and Lee have stepped down, Ive had many races in these club races, and they wouldnt have been half the fun without your management!
    See you on track no doubt :D
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  17. maybe dis
    RD Nordschleife on snow

    with P207 S2000 Mod
  18. Thanks Adam and Lee ! :D
    It has been an honor and real pleasure ;)
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  19. RD Nordschleife on snow

    with P207 S2000 Mod

    nobady intrested [​IMG]
  20. Problem is that the track is so long its not suitable for club really.

    3 lap races, and people make one mistake get very bored waiting for next race