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rfactor mods startup

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Ondrej Kapal, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. Hi, I have another question :)
    Maybe I just wasnt looking well into guides but I installed enduro series and now when I start rFactor it starts only that enduro series mod and nothing else I can't play, there is no way to work with this game like Race07 where you have mods stored in list? Or I again missed something? I'd like to start the game and choose what I want to drive on my own :)

    and another one as I have no longer need to make another thread for another question at the moment, how can I use not American keyboard in the game? like inversed Y/Z etc., I want to write my European style :) (shift+alt does not work)
  2. In the main menu on the left. Click on Player and then you see Racing Series and click on the left Box with the arrow in it on the left. Then you see the list of all your mods.
    About the keyboard. Go to your config file and select English UK instead of US. :)
  3. Ivo what I would to do without you, thanks :thumb: