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rFactor - LMT releases F1 2010

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Ivo Simons, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. After some waiting LMT released their first public F1 mod. Their other releases where always private. But they are going public now. First DTM 2010 now they release F1 2010. So make sure to check it out because they always deliver quality mods.

    Download here
  2. damn, graphics to rival FSone09 :D
  3. The AI must to Fix the Engine blow off i have drive these mod by 4 track packs off the rft 2010 the ai drive 320 kmh in the 3 gear ? at he MMg 2007 the ai gear allredy but after 2 round the engine blow ?
  4. Believe thats with alot of mods. Believe you need to change the engine wear in options. From time to normal.
  5. Good mod!
  6. Pretty disappointing to be honest, I still consider RFT 2010 to be the best 2010 mod. The handling is undrivable causing you to spin when turning in even at slow speeds, and various models are totally wrong, most notably the Ferrari F10's rear wing.
  7. Looks nice, will try it out. Thanks!
  8. Nice F1 Drifiting mod. Will they release one that doesn't drive sideways eventually?