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rFactor issues

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by pjlx911, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. I'm having some issues when I export a created track into RF. For some reason, it shows up as a .10M track, and everytime that I have the AI run through the track, it just crashes into a bridge I placed, and then stops.

    When I go to race it myself, it just slows to a stop?

    Can anyone help me with figuring out wth I need to do to get my track working properly?
  2. Have you made AIW correctly? If your tracks is 0.1mb then there are some things missing.
  3. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    No, I think he means 0.1 as in the default distance exported by BTB into the GDB file.
  4. Still, AIW? If AI cars behave oddly, i can't think of anything but broken AIW. Or just faulty object definition, some bridges won't work "collidable", some not even drivable because of design flaws.

    And 0.1m track seems a little strange.. Wrong active track and AIW attached to it, like it for pits or some other short track..
  5. Well...The pit lane deal isn't the case...Mainly due to the fact that the pit lane is an extension of a straight (I've only widened the straight so I could create a pit lane).

    I don't know what is going on with BTB, but I have been having issues with using BTB when I try to take a project and export it into RF. I'm using Win 7, would that be the issue? Or am I just not doing something right when I try to export?

    This is because I tried to create, and export, a 12km rally hill climb for RF, but it doesn't even show up as an option in RF!
  6. rFactor has a funny way of sorting the venues it finds. Things that begin with lowercase letters are listed after (or is it before?) things beginning with a capital.

    If rFactor is in your program files folder, there may be security issues. Windows could be detecting that 'some mysterious program' is trying to create files. In BTB, try setting a pretend rFactor folder, such as c:\notrf\ then after exporting, copy the venue into your real rF tracks folder.
  7. hi, BTB and rfactor work properly with W7. 12 km long should not be the problem, there are tracks longer. Review the bridge.

  8. W7?
  9. Windows 7.
  10. I've never understood why the track sorting isn't done in basic alphabetical order, at least in Race07 they appear completely random, for ex, i'm making 2.0 Alpine, the test export is named AlpineHillsBumbs and it appear about at the second page and AlpineHills in the first.. They keep that position so it is not random but the system is totally bonkers.. Have never understood it, i've asked about it but no one could help me then.. It would be GREAT if trackbuilder/designer could maybe have some control over the trackorder..

    Back to topic, can you upload the bridge or point to location you DL:ed the object (legal site/link, no shifty addresses/sites here ? It's much easier if we get to see the troubled object ourselves. If it ain't a big project, you can upload the BTB project too ( leave Default XPack out, we all have it. ) so someone can look at it. If you don't like to share the sourceproject with large audience, you can PM me, i have experience dealing with confidential material...
  11. Oh, it doesn't bother me at all...I'll get it into a pack of some sort, and you can see what I've had to deal with to TRY and get a track working on BTB.
  12. You dont need to worry about track length until you are finished with your track, because every time you export it, Bob's will set it back to 10m. To set the distance correctly, however, simply open the .AIW file with notepad and look for the line "tracklength=". Copy what ever that says over to the .GDB file (use notepad), paste it in the "Track Length=" line. Both trackline entries are right up towards the top of the files.

    If you could include a screen shot from Bobs showing the bridge and have Bobs in the mode where it shows the drive line the cars will take - that would be helpful.