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rfactor ID screen..loads then stays black

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Roger Snead, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. Hello, I installed Colorado Springs (west) mod from RFC and when I launched game as admin. with video config. checked first (1366x 768) The RF icon screen came up as normal, and then goes away to a black screen and never launched after 20 min. trying several times. I hit enter or escape to bring me back to homepage and for a micro second has an error message, but disappears too fast to read. I would hate to lose the 200+ tracks I have had for 4 years.
    W7 64 bit....... Path....... Programs (86)>> R factor>> Game data>> Locations I uninstalled every file, every little piece, for this mod and still have issue...please help...Thank you very much. Not that PC savy, so simple basic talk/instructions would be best.
  2. Just save your locations folder somewhere else to keep the tracks.

    Also, do a separate rFactor install folder for each and every mod to avoid this situation. Then copy back the relevant tracks only to the relevant mod's rFactor install folder...
  3. OK, Thank you, but since I have uninstalled all parts regarding this mod, what could be still causing the problem? It's back the way before there was a problem...no? Sorry, I don't understand.
    I opened up every folder in this mod and hit Control + A and deleted......... everything single thing.
  4. It could be anything - menu files working together, plugins clashing etc.

    The best method of resurrecting it is to start from scratch, and as mentioned before, do a separate folder for every mod.

    For instance, I have my clean install at d:\Program Files\rFactor\rFactor Clean. Then, every time I want to add a new mod, I copy and rename that folder, e.g. now you have folders like this:

    - d:\Program Files\rFactor\rFactor Clean
    - d:\Program Files\rFactor\F1 WCP 1997
    - d:\Program Files\rFactor\F1 RFT 2012

    And so on and so on. This way, no mod's plugins/menu items can interfere with another's.

    But do a clean install. We've all been there.
  5. I got ya, Thanks so much. Very helpful. I am in the process soon of buying a new pc, so I will wait until then. I am a very late starter in life for pc's. How in the world does one learn all this stuff, folders,files,etc. Not to mention the "language" of pc's/sims. Good people like yourself and RD are a life saver.

    It's not like there are instructions...haha. It is all quite intimidating for me. Nice looking doggie BTW. :p