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rFactor feels terrible

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Simon Roberts, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. Ive been away from rF for over a year and thought id give the GT3 mod a try (the cars converted from Shift) and it feels horrible, Ive been racing soley on iRacing and the FFB feels horrible to me, anyone any ideas how to make better? ReafFeel certainly didnt do anything for me, i never heard "realfeel enable" no matter what i did.

    My hardware is GT3RS and CSR Elite pedals from Fanatec.
  2. I believe the "Realfeel is enabled/disabled" sound was removed with the latest version. If you're talking about the Apex Modding GT3 mod, then I recall trying it with Realfeel when there was just the demo with the DBRS9, and hated the feedback. However now I'm running it using rFactor's default feedback with these settings. I find it a much nicer drive that way.

    There's also the obvious stuff I'm sure you've already tried; disable vsync, shoot for 60+ fps, ensure there's no deadzones, all that jazz.
  3. Believe Apex modding made the mod not with the intention to use Realfeal also.
    The settings Marcus posted are the way to go i agree. :)
  4. I believe that the GT3 mod is not very well put together, the physics are interesting.....

    Better to try out a few other mods that are more respected such as Enduracers Endurance Series mod or the DRM Mod. As for force feedback, you have a choice, default, which is ok most of the time. Realfeel, which is more focused on resistance and I believe its based on data from the steering arm. Finally, you have Leo's, not much resistance here as it produces its FFB from the tyres, so you can feel when the car is understeering and when it is gripping. Both Leo's and RealFeel have decent tweaking software for you to have it fine tuned to your specifications.

    Hope that helps.
  5. Ive used the Enduracers mod in the RDLMS in season 2 and just fancied a look at the GT3 mod, but as you guys say it looks nice, just doesnt feel very nice at all really.

    Realfeel just didnt seem to work for me, didnt get the "realfeel enable" message etc, and just felt pretty bad, the main reason for my post was because the team i drive for (Torque Freak Racing) want to enter the 24 Hours of the Ring and we want something to feel right, as coming from iRacing its a big difference for us.
  6. Absolutely, you can't enter a race like that and feel like it's a constant struggle to drive the car.

    I presume Endurance Series felt fine to drive? Or did you have any trouble with that also? Do you run it with Realfeel?
  7. It felt a million times better than the GT3 mod yes, not tried Realfeel yet, we are going to setup a test server and give it some real time over the next few weeks, any idea when SP2 is out for Enduracers?
  8. I'm afraid I can't offer much input, as I've done little experimenting with the force feedback in the GT3 mod. All I can suggest is the "Feels Real" settings and standard rFactor FFB (no realfeel or leo's FFB). It's not quite up there with Endurance Series, but that's the best I've gotten it to feel so far.