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rFactor champs ?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Alessandro Gamberini, Jun 6, 2008.

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  1. Hi there ADMINS,

    it seems to me that no more Rfactor races or champs have been scheduled, why this ?
    are you no more interested in this sim ?
    thanks in advance
  2. Hello Alex

    No we havn't lost interest in Rfactor, as you can tell the forum since its update is under marjor changes also a resident Rfactor guru is also a movie guru so he has to split his time and sue to the change over we are reworking the movie section.

    But if you have any ideas or can think of any events you would like to see run don't hesitate to contact any of the RD staff with your idea's and we will se if we can put them into action for you.

    Thank you for your understanding.
  3. oooops, i'm an absolute beginner !! eheheheh
    about race starting time: do you start sharp at that time or there are some possible delays (20min :)) ? here in italy we start races after 22.00 (20.00 GMT)
    i'll seek your site for next appointments ....
    thanks in advance and compliments for your beautiful site, very clean and with stile
  4. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling

    All our events usually start at the correct time without delays. As for other rF events, They will come very soon! :thumb:
  5. in this case a delay sounds good for me, but never mind ....

    about races calendar i've not seen one about PCC, do you define each appointment week by week ?

  6. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling

    Pretty much yes with the FD events, Once this one is completed another will be posted within days.
  7. We are now planning on having fixed night's allocatted to each game that we support, which includes rFactor.
    Here is our current plan (but this may be revised after we have given it a trial period):

    RaceDepartment Forums - View Single Post - Fixed Night Racing Schedule for Racing Club

    Of course, we still need to organise events within this plan so sometimes we may miss an event.

    We welcome some feedback to help give our members the best opportunity to join our racing events.
  8. in the day that was allocated for rFactro what will you do?
    I mean individual events with mod and track different each time or a fixed championship?
    In the first case it would be interesting to have a monthly schedule in order to train properly while in the second a long championship with race starting time at 21.00 CET (choosing between F3, SCC or Megane)

    I hope not being too intrusive in proposing, i'm just a new member but enthusiast of rFactor sim :D

    thank you

    cheers :thumb:
  9. My opinion> more mods make the whole thing much more difficult, feel more like a fixed championship, as learning weekly a new track + new car to handle is imho way too much.

    How about PCC events and lets say Endurance, so every series has a race in a two week interval? - which leaves enough time for preparation for those who would like to participate in both (like me for example).
    Just posting my idea, feel free to criticise
  10. IMO the appeal of rFactor is the various mods, which is why i'd say vary the tracks & cars.
  11. Oh that's for sure, but every week different car? I would say better one thing "perfect" than ten things "a bit"..

    But this is more of a issue for Daily Race nights - can't imagine a championship with different cars tbh..
  12. I agree completey with you :jumping:
    about mod: for a champ i prefer open wheels like F3 or FBMW but the evergreen megan or PCC ar good too :thumb:
    what i hope is to see here a long champ with races starting at 21.00 CET :D and appointments period of 2 weeks, as you sad above
  13. For a championship yes stick to a single car mod, for race nights like are being proposed by Warren & crew I'd like to see some variety and using some of the brilliant mods being released, like the GP2 mod which I've just had a go of and is brilliant, and will be better when I get used to the things
  14. are you thinking to start a champ (single mod) shortly or after the summer break ?
  15. Gareth Hickling

    Gareth Hickling

    The problem with this is that we do not really want to install any old mod onto our dedicated servers. Some mods are simply terrible, We try to run only the very best mods and circuits for rF as we want to give you the very best experiance.
  16. very good
  17. is there any openweel oval mod like IRL for rfactor :) ?? cuz i am closing up to an age where only left turning suits me more ;D
  18. Glad to hear that.. so any possibility of a rF Champs here at RD?:angel:
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