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Rfactor 2

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by David Boulianne, Nov 19, 2013.

  1. Hello!
    I am just wondering if FSR will move to Rfactor 2 for 2014?
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  2. That depends if rF2 is ready for FSR ^^
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  3. I dreaded to say this but i think rF2 is more than ready for FSR :)
  4. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    The question is, is FSR ready for Rfactor2 :)
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  5. Dont think it Ron, still very bugged.
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  6. I hope that Assetto Corsa can develop a good crash model and multiplayer. In the same way I think that some Assetto Corsa cars like Formula Abarth has too much grip but lets wait and see. I wouldnt mind starting the season one or two months later if we have to wait for new sims.
  7. when i mean 'i dreaded' i meant this 'i dont want FSR to leave rF1'
  8. Agreed Asseto Corsa i really like
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  9. Ah, ok... :laugh:
  10. So I should get rF1 then...
  11. The idea is to use rF2, but it's not possible to confirm anything yet.
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  12. in 2014 RF1 use for FSR League?
  13. Like with rF1 it still needs to be confirmed
  14. This is understandable.
    But the question of the simulator to 2014 remains open;)
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  15. Maxim, our hope is moving to next gen sims in 2014 but just if those are ready, that means to be stable, reduced the number of bugs...
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  16. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    what bugs do you know of?
  17. 1) two weeks ago I was playing with a friend and the crash was very weird, I hit his back with the rF ISI mod and my rear part start to fly. (Very light contact I just pushed his back like car Nascar does in a straight for him getting more top speed)

    2) This happened to me 2 days ago, the car started doing doughnuts no matter what in I had the steering wheel completly straight, I pressed the brakes and everything and nothing workout still doing the same.

    And surely there are more but I just tested 4 hours in two weeks ans happened this to me, just imagine when we do 600 laps for a GP or during a race. In both cases the game stopped working just 10 sec after that.
  18. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    i have had none of these problems or heard of anyone having them ...not saying theyre not issues for others...just i've never heard of them. only issue i had was that my wheels locked,tyres turned 45 degrees and car kept driving on. i thought this was the game but it as my fanatec csr being faulty and disconecting.

    what wheel do you have?
    also, what system do you have? could it be your cpu?

    since one year ago, rfactor 2 has fixed all of the bugs i can remember. i currently just did an 8 hour race in VWEC. The only issue was an issue with an HDR profile which the mods had made.
    this weekend we do a 12 hour race end of season finale. I wouldn't choose to race in that if i wasn't confident in the game lol
  19. Im using T500 RS. Everything works fine with the wheel. I never had problems with it. But the wheel was answering because I could see how the "driver" was turning the wheelbut non response of the car. I dunno something very weird. I would like you to show you a replay but the game crashed... Im using W7, I7 3770 with a GTX 670 and 16gB of Ram.
  20. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    that is really strange. sounds like your hardware is all great. you should report it in the thread. one bug i did see was that a clio, driven by my friend, hit a traffic cone and went flying (literally) at croft.

    other than that, things have been great for me. i really like assetto corsa but i think it will take a while before we know what tyre wear is like and how user friendly it is for serious leagues. i think fsr has been great on rfactor but starting to look a bit still. a change of platform might fit with real f1 - a leap into the unknown but could make things more exciting and test driver skill with different physics.


    @Chris de Jong

    maybe explaining what you "dislike" would be helpful.thanks
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2013