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rFactor 2 Online Results Parser

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Primoz Makselj, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Application now also allows to create web results for rFactor 2 sim (before rFactor and RACE series).

    Try it: Online-Results.net :)



    rFactor 2

    RACE 07
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  2. I seen it great but It is integrated in to the site No download link so it cant be put in to My own website ? so I would have to send all drivers to this site to see their Results looks good but you need to let players add it too their own sites
  3. Maybe in future...there is a lot of work to do and give away unfinished version isn`t good ;)
  4. Still Awesome Kudos
  5. I have in plan to make system for hillclimb and rally events...something like this!
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  6. Nice when will the 1st one be ready for a public beta or release
    It would be nice to keep the list to events run on my own server rather than having to find the results in an ever growing list lol it is very popular if you need a donation this is not a problem just pm me and may be we can arrange something Hope to speak to you soon