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Rfactor 2 & BTB problems (tips)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by banger, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. if your going to make a track for Rfactor then converted it to rfactor 2 .. here a few tips of the don't do.

    1) don't make your road and added parts to the edge :eg: using the terrain to added a pit lane., this will cause a problem in rfactor 2. (yellow tint becomes apparent on terrain).make your pits using the normal road not terrain areas converted to road textures.This also occurs if you convert any 3dmax made track.(eg isi tracks from rf1)

    HAS YOU CAN SEE IN THE IMAGE ABOVE. The yellow tint will surface if you use any terrain has part of the road.

    2) objects: need to have all faces on. don't deleted faces from bottom/back of models to save polys.it will cause a problem with shadows/lights bouncing through objects. (part of the real sky movement).

    3) aiw files from rfactor1. are okay. don't use the current build 218 editor (it crashes a lot).

    4) fences, singled sided objects.

    5) do create extra nodes in your track modifier (usally 8+ pieces) has this will make the real road wet road look a better. (img below)

    I added some more laters if I find any.
  2. Questions:
    #2, you mean all objects need to be closed? This is very common in other titles/engines, a lot of them crash the moment there's even an unwelded seam...

    #4: Are you sure fences have to be double-sided? Or do you mean they need to have separate collision model?
  3. #2 yes, objects need to be closed.not like RF1 where you can miss out faces from bottom or back.

    #4 fences are okay has singled sided.,EDITED POST ABOVE.so I assume it the aiw file that causing the overtake while fences are heading towards you. may be a issue with the left/right aiw paths (not in yet).:)
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  4. I actually support the closed objects, you can get rid of a lot of problems, it's way more idiotproof that way.