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Rfactor 2 AI tips & questions

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by stop, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. stop


    Hi. I have a few questions regarding the AI but first i have a tip on a way of making the AI more realistic on a track.

    What you do is when recording the line "block" then you drive as if your defending a position for dear life into every corner and on every part of a straight.

    Now for the questions now every year for my AI series i ask plenty of questions but this time in the Rfactor 2 section as im finally changing to that game next year

    firstly the plr file. What is the most realistic settings to use in the plr?

    Secondly strategies. Earlier today i did a fast forwarded test on Malaysia and it was so boring. I mean there was lots of action in the first 5 laps and then there was a safety cat. From then on there wasn't much action overtaking was scarce. Speaking of that how do you reduce safety car sensitivity as its a bit sensitive by default. Back to the point and part of the reason why it was so boring was cos everyone did the same strategies. Is there a way there can be a variation in the strategies, eg somethin in the hdv that makes a car harder on tyres

    Finally setups. I can get an AI car to use the setups in qually but they revert to default in the race? Is there a way i can resolve that