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rFactor(1): rain is coming...

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by marcobost, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Hi guys!
    The long and hard discussions about the rain into rFactor (1, not rF2) will be solved in the next few days... due to the incredible job made by... that created a plugin that "discovered" and uses the hidden code of rF1.
    We will then work a little on released tracks to enjoy the variable meteo conditions.

    Now we can only see this short movie:
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  2. Rock and roll man! :cool:
  3. good news... the RFEWeather project is going ahead and here you will find more detailed info: http://www.symracing.net/
    Take a look to the various arguments that are really very very interesting. I'm also collaborating with the author Iñaki Lopez to adapt the TDF and GDB templates for BTB as well as the totally new "sky.mas" that now brings to us real clouds and rain, etc...
    This project is extensive and ambitious because of it isn't only a plugin for raining, it is a different way to enjoy rfactor, from the vehicle modelling to the track making, from the server plugin to manage real weather to the client plugin to enjoy it and finally the chance to download the parts you need of mod and track to fast join a new server without any mismach.
    Maybe in the future also a private tool that allows to better manage track data at any stage (on wip tracks to be exported from BTB to rFactor as well as on existing ones) will be released for BTB track makers...
    If somebody likes to try few laps with RFEWeather... take a look at the server if it is opened: rfi.servegame.com:64297
    To see the "current" meteo condition for servers: http://weather.symracing.net/
    To download mod and track: http://www.mediafire.com/?cfj29b2086wl9df

    Please note that currently the rain/dry path is graphically wip... as well as the rain drops are too big vs the real physical data... so the better choise for tyres, if it is raining, is the intemediate compound.
  4. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Is this online only, or does it work in singleplayer?
  5. no Kyle, at the moment it can only run online...
    Downloading the pack, after the installation you will see "no mod" because it comes without the rfm file due to the fact that it is running only online. You can see 1 Williams F1 modified car setting "all tracks and cars" mod as well as you can see the modified track too (A1 Ring Rain)... you can also take a look to TDF, GDB, AIW files that are a little different to allow rain.
    As I said, the RFEWeather is at first public beta stage and only its own servers run these new meteo conditions... In the future also a client plugin will be released...
  6. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels

    wow nice !!!

    Looking forward to the release!
  7. ehehe... if you guys read the first info on http://www.symracing.net/ you will understand how much work we have to do... but personally I feel this as a wonderful adventure and I'm really fascinated by the ability of the project maker!
    I'll update you expacially when the new tech sheets related to the "adapting the track" part will be released.
    By the way, I'm not so expert about track's secrets... if somebody is interested into give some advices related to reflection maps (BTB -> rFactor -> GTR2) please email to marcoround@alice.it
    thank you
  8. If you're talking about rain reflections, they have to be done with 3DSimed, BTB hasn't got cube mapping.

    Is there any chance of getting this plugin to work in Race series?
  9. Kennet, as you can understand I'm not so expert of reflection maps, ehehhe... And I wasn't intelligible at all, my fault. It was my intention to say rF(1) does not manage what in rF2 lets see rain reflections on the asphalt. This is something we can do fixing some broken code in rF1, but having a better knowledge about rain reflection texture could be a good help.
    Then, are you speaking about iRace? First of all we have to go ahead with this project on rF, then we'll see. Take in mind there is only one people really able to work on this project: the creator = the developer,,, and he has a working life as well as family life too. I can only give a hand and love the project.
  10. Me neither, just have dipped my feet in the water, so to speak..

    I meant for Race07 not iRacing...rFactor and Race are so similar, that's why i asked.
  11. Not at the moment...We have so many steps to do for releasing the first RFE Weather Pack...
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  12. Nick Atsidakos

    Nick Atsidakos
    VTEC just kicked in, yo! JDM 4 Life

    This is wonderfull news about the RFE.Looking forward for more updates.Keep up the good work guys...
  13. Next week we'll start testing a very first version of RFE Weather Plugin for rFactor or RRW... At the moment these are unofficial tests and the language for info is only Italian, so please use "translator" at the bottom bar to read more.
    About tracks, we'll start using a very basic "update to RFE Weather Plugin" and we'll go ahead with a more advanced in the next days...
    I would like to remember to people interested into testing this new environment that RFE Plugin Series is NOT ONLY RAIN, but a new approach to the simulation on rFactor(1)... ambient temperature will really affect track temperature and track temparature will affect tire pressure, wear and temperature as well giving a different behavior on track... Fog and clouds could be the signal for a different incoming weather step...
    We are still working for setting the new website up, so I ask for your patience. Currently we use part of the RRW forum, website and servers and everything is only in Italian language... at the bottom bar of the website, a translation set is available to help in understanding some info... in any case people that are seriously intersted into testing our plugin can send an email to marcoround@alice.it

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