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Skins rF2 Stockcar 2 Elliott Skins 1.0

24, 25

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    rF2 Stockcar 2 Elliott Skins - 24, 25

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  2. I have steam version
    I have no such folder
  3. I don't have the steam version but do you have this when you go into Tuning for a stockcar. That may help you locate where your skin directory is for a vehicle.

    If you locate that folder you can create the needed folder in that directory or alternatively click Create Dir in Tuning.

  4. I'm downloading rf2 right now. what pushed me to get it is the "nascar" addition. my question is the skins you are making do they just apply to the car ill be driving or is there a way to add skins to the AI cars?
  5. You can have the AI run with custom skins but you will have to create additional cars like I've done with Chase Elliott. What you can do is assign the skin to a stockcar then create a driver from that. Once you learn that, you can do it slightly quicker by creating driver profiles/folders in the same folder as C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\rFactor2\UserData\player\Settings\ISI_StockCar_2015 instead of going through the UI. You will end up with a folder and RCD file just like this Chase Elliott one so just look over my RCD and you can kind of mimic what that looks like. Also the RCD filename can be anything as far as naming goes but the folder name must be the same as the header name in the RCD file. You can generate the stats that the rFactor car has by default for that number if you use a VehFile in the system which are really close to the NASCAR attributes.

    Martin Truex Jr Example.(Refer to Chase Elliott rcd if you need to see the file)


    C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\rFactor2\UserData\player\Settings\ISI_StockCar_2015\Martin Truex Jr\Truex_FRow.dds

    RCD File (can be named whatever .RCD I went with "78.rcd")

    Martin Truex Jr
    Team = Furniture Row Racing
    Component = ISI_StockCar_2015
    Skin = Truex_FRow.dds
    VehFile = SC2014_78.VEH
    Description = NASCAR 2015 Chevrolet #78
    Number = 78
    Aggression = 50.52
    Speed = 90.63
    QualifySpeed = 85.94
    WetSpeed = 90.10
    StartSkill = 93.75
    Crash = 6.25
    CompletedLaps = 90.63
    MinRacingSkill = 86.46
    Composure = 83.85
  6. I'm sure that's easy once its figured out but looking at it had me like wow I'm getting old cause I didn't understand that. being a console gamer that's jumped to pc is awesome and overwhelming at the same time but I bet I figure it out.

    btw, great job with the nascars. I picked this game up for the nascar part so I can race against ai instead of having to irace and worry about a wreck.
  7. No problem and thanks. :) I did the same, got it for the stockcars and the ai. If you get stuck, reply again and I'll get you started with at least the first one.