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Skins rF2 Stockcar 1 Matt Kenseth Skin 1.0


  1. DaREALMastaD submitted a new resource:

    rF2 Stockcar 1 Matt Kenseth Skin - 20

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  2. Thanks for the great Kenseth skin!
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  3. Thanks for downloading :), I appreciate it.
  4. I got all the paint schemes you've done for the stock cars, enjoying all of them too!
  5. Thanks, hopefully I'll have more time soon and I can get more coming. I really appreciate the support. :)
  6. Yep sure will, I think those would be great ones. Thanks for the link too, I'm not always in that part of the forum and I like doing request.
  7. Thank you! That would be wonderful, no hurry, I'm retired so I have more time then money!:)