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rF2 or AC?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Justin Swan, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Rfactor2 or AC? Not necessarily on looks but which is going to be the better multiplayer? with the best RD club races etc etc? Keep thinking of buying rF2 but don't want to get it then AC becomes the "main" event.
  2. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    Both games will have a their pro and cons, but at this time, your question is impossible to answer.
    Rf2 is changed continuasly, and AC is not released yet. So hard to compare the 2.
    In terms of racing online @RD, it should not matter. There will be amazing events with the both of them.

    For those who are going to answer here, keep it decent and respectfull to each platform. Pro's and cons can be discussed, but keep it decent, or I will have to take actions. Do not want this thread to derail to a flamewar....
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  3. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Thanks Marco, I hope I haven't opened a can of worms. Genuine question.
  4. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    I understand that Justin, thats why I did not close it :)
    But it's hard to give a decent answer, while you have to "guess" some of the features, as there is no release for AC, and rF2 keeps changing.

    So it's, at least for me, impossible to answer
  5. If you really want to drive just one of them I'd wait for the AC Tech Demo. Then you can also purchase rF2 at the same time as you have one month time for a refund there. So you can check both games.

    I have rF2 and I like it very much which doesn't mean that I wont play AC. I am also on iRacing in a league there, but I think it just depends for what you aim. I like driving and I am a midfield driver so I can race them all but if you want just to concentrate on one thing then you have a hard live these days I think.

    Good luck! ;)
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  6. AC.....game over!!!
  7. Both, easily the 2 best sims. Why limit yourself, Elise in ac tech demo feels very realistic, the racecars will be even more awesome judging from the elises feel and some cars in rf2 are the most realistic and fun experiences I've ever had in my life of simracing it's tyre model is just on a different level to anything else, feels so deep like a million things are going on at once, AC looks like it'll be like that too judging from vids. Choosing either one or the other will be limiting yourself. They're cheap too, rf2 $85 lifetime AC is prob 45 to 70 ish.
  8. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    I agree! I bought rf2 a week or so ago and AC is on my shopping list, just under a Logitech G27 and an nvidia Gtx660ti :)
  9. You don't need to ask which one is best, if you like simracing you just buy both.
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  10. +1
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  11. I already bought RF2, so i'll have both. Which one will i play more? AC. It just runs and looks so much smoother then rf2,
  12. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    The thing is, I never play single player so it's the multiplayer content that's the deal maker and breaker for me. I'm already involved in the rf2 club races although it could do with a lot more participants. We'll have to see how the AC mp will pan out.
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  13. I was the very same until I realised that the AI in RF2 give you a massive fight, which puts you in good stead when on multi player esp league enviroments.

    I can not comment on AC as the multi player is not out, also I dont want a back ground program running for single play. Time will tell but it is on my list to buy when more developed.

    I only now regret not buying the RF2 life time membership but never had the funds at the time. can you still up grade at all??
  14. I am pretty sure you are able to upgrade. Best to ask at the ISI website.
  15. Cannot really compare them at the moment.

    But RF2 is developing very slow and has many of the physics issues that are found in RF1 despite having better physics in some ways. ( cars are act unnatural at the limit , cars over react to bumps , cars get into unnatural strange continuous slides , user have to fiddle with FFB and .ini files to get things right car to car. )

    In many ways in terms of raw driving at the limit Game stock car or some of the best RF1 mods offer a more rounded and developed riving experience than RF2.

    If AC becomes a popular mod platform I think RF2 might have some trouble taking of / being anywhere as near popular as RF1 was.

    RF2 will always have a small solid fan base of people that swear buy it so I don't think it will totally die out but I would not be surprised if it is far less popular than AC and becomes more of a niche offline racer.

    On the other-hand if leagues adopt RF2 for its weather system and "Real road" assuming they get developed more. Then RF2 could get a resurgence in popularity from that its also hard to know if some fantastic mod will come out for RF2 or not.

    For me personally I just find RF2 a massive chore to use , the same applied to RF1 but back when I played RF1 regulary it was the only real option for certain classes of car.

    The TP of AC already feels like a nice product to use , the physics seem far deeper than anything else I have ever driven , with the car all be it a slow one exhibiting unparalleled depth and unmatched FFB.

    I think different people can get different things from each game , all round I would not be surprised if AC ends up being a far better product though.
  16. Get both. /thread
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  17. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    i agree with most of your comments here. I think rfactor 2 were right to release a beta but I think they've released it too early to the public. people got a bad impression early on and now are bored waiting.i actually think the physics on the meganes and clios are fantastic although the formula 2 are really lacking in grip.

    AC seem to have delayed release constantly. irritating but then again,they don't wantpeople to get a bad impression. graphics are great and the physics are great. it has massive potential and i think will win over more fans - it is definately a link between forza and more serious sim so should appeal to more people. one massive problem for me is the braking. i like to brake hard, the odd lockup etc and in the tech demo, abs are on as lotus has abs in real life...but even with them switch off, brakes seem massively weak.i'm sure a high speed car would need more responsive brakes rather than less responsive (than my regular road car). i'm certain i'm in the minority here but AC is not perfect.
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  18. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    No I agree with the braking on AC feels very forza!
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  19. Have to admit after being one of the inital buyers of RF2 I have been very disappointed with what has been released so far

    No one plays the game much online, and those that do are utter control freaks and aliens who you can never race against. Totally pointlessly trying to have league races in public forums!!

    The game does not seem to have advanced much at all compared to some other offerings around right now and I really think RF2 missed the boat big time by not making a free demo.

    SRW and RRE might not be as geeky and nerdy but they are more fun, more polished and better put together for people who just want to race, not join servers in the middle of a race (how utterly pointless is that)

    Similar to CARS, althougth their updates have come thick and fast teh agme feels much the same, as does RF2, the cars feel OK, but all have daft handling characterstics that you cant dial out, the Clio goes on two wheels far too easy , has a rieculous of lift off oversteer and is so easy to damage that the slightest touch takes you out of game.

    Other cars need to have some secret setup to make them work as the default stuff ios biblically tripe!

    Overall, not that impressed. I certainly wont be paying for online gaming with this, its terrible, OTT server idiots who patrol like NAZI's and kick like donkeys.